MX4D and 4DX screening of “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE HEROES: RISING” has been determined. It's titled as “4D RISING <Rising> Screening” and will start screening from Jan. 24 at 81 theaters nationwide.

“My Hero Academia” is a hero action manga by Horikoshi Kohei serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. The first season of TV animation was aired in 2016. A movie released in the summer of 2018 recorded a huge hit with 1.39 million audiences and 1.72 billion JPY in box office revenue.
The second movie, “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE HEROES: RISING,” surpassed 1 million audiences and 1.2 billion JPY in box office revenue as of Jan. 11. It has gained popularity as well as the previous work.

This time, this work has been determined to be screened in MX4D / 4DX. This is an opportunity to experience the success of UA High School's heroes or the first year of Group A in powerful 4D.

Also, it has become known that a total of nationwide limited 25,000 4D RISING postcards will be given as a special bonus for 4D audiences. The design of the postcard combines the visuals of Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, and All Might that was usedin the clear files as the purchasing bonus of the movie ticket card at the ticket counter has been adopted. Furthermore, it also include the copied autographs of Yamashita Daiki as Deku, Okamoto Nobuhiko as Bakugo, and Kaji Yuki as Todoroki.

(C) 2019 “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE” Production Committee (C) Horikoshi Kohei/ Shueisha