Upcoming terrestial program of the famous cosplayer, Enako “Enacos TV” broadcasting on Jan. 2020 shows details about the work scene of the host Enako as a cosplayer andshare about cosplay information together with the other guests. Enako will host the show alongside voice actress Ishitobi Erika. In this article, we interviewed firsthand both of them during the first recording session in Chiba at Tokyo's Haco Stadium.

[Photograph, Editing: Nogi Akira(@Osefly)]

Before the recording started, camera adjustments and rehearsals were held by Enako and staff in preparation.
Enako was attentively making adjustments to the wig so it doesn't fall off, and being careful with the balance in the bangs. Comment about how cute she looked could be heard from the staff standing by.

■Reala Tanaka, the person behind Enako's costumes.
Each recording session covers 2 to 3 episodes. The guest featured in the second episode was Reala Tanaka, president of the company “Reala inc.”. She has been involved in the cosplay industry since animes like “Evangelion” and “Mobile Suit Gundam W” were around, circa 1995. She was also responsible for producing many of the costumes worn by Enako.

They chatted about how hard was obtaining a wig back in the days, the popularity of instant cameras and what led Reala to start making costumes. Reala and Enako also inverted their roles, having Enako come up with designs for new costumes. Reala's reaction is something to look forward to during the premiere of the show.

■The lovely Chinese popular cosplayer Kitaro
The third episode featured the Chinese cosplayer Kitaro, who has been assigned to the same agency as Enako in October. As she came in dressed in her favourite fruit-themed costume, Enako, Ishitobi, and the filming staff couldn't stop mentioning how cute she looked.

While looking back at past photos of Kitaro, Enako mentioned how impressed she was, with photos of her Ema cosplay from “The Promised Neverland” on Twitter.
They also featured a corner where Enako taught Kitaro cute Japanese words, which was followed with a VTR of Kitaro's trip to Asakusa and her gracious appearance on Comiket 96.

■Post-recording afterthoughts and what to look forward in the show
— How do you feel after the first recording session?

Enako: I felt very anxious because it was my first time hosting a show, I was also very careful not to get in Ishitobi Erika's way since it's the first time we worked together. During the first session, I was very nervous but was able to calm down on the second one after understanding that she is a nice person. I think we were able to make a wonderful beginning to the show, so I'm looking forward to more shootings to come.

Ishitobi Erika (short for Ishitobi, after this): I don't have much experience appearing in TV shows so I was apprehensive and a bit nervous as well. I also didn't want to cause any trouble to Enako, so I was very careful, however when I realized we were all having a good time and, the recordings went by really fast. I'm looking forward to the next shootings too.

–Tell me more about your costumes

Enako: This one I'm wearing was specially made for the show and it's themed on the idea of a cosplay fairy. You can see that there's a scissor wrapped around my abdomen and around my hairband as well. The colors are pastel pink tones which are my favorite ones.

Ishitobi: Mine is a very simple costume due to the secondary character nature of my role on the show. It was designed this way as to not steal attention from Enako.

–What kind of show do you want it to be?
Enako: I believe this is the first show ever to be focused solely on the topic 'cosplay'. Even though cosplaying is featured here and there on other TV shows, there isn't a single one specialized in it. I hope the audience will be able to get to know not only about cosplayers, but stylists, beauticians, and hairdressers in the industry too.

Ishitobi: I thought I knew about cosplaying culture by watching Enako's activities from afar, but after today I realized I only knew very little of it. I hope to explore more of this world through the lenses of a person who doesn't have much knowledge about cosplaying, which I believe represents a part of the people watching the show.

— What's one thing you would like to do in the show?

Ishitobi: I want to photograph Enako!

Enako: I want to wear a matching costume cosplay with Ishitobi!