The second charity photo session hosted by popular cosplayer Enako was held on Nov. 4 at Starrise Tower in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

The first session was held in 2018 with the cooperation of companies and cosplayers, and 300 photographers were participated. A total of 2.68 million yen in sales was donated through the Japanese Red Cross Society to the areas affected by the heavy rain disaster in Western Japan and the earthquake in Iburi, Eastern Hokkaido.

In the second photo event Enako hosted, seven cosplayers:
Kasho Roshiel, Shinozaki Kokoro, Miyamoto Saki, Nitori Sayaka, who attracted attention by posting her own gravure photo collection on Instagram, Kitaro, a popular Chinese cosplayer who won the “Next Generation Cosplayer National Audition” Grand Prix, and a solo comedian, Mr. R Fujimoto, participated as models.

Copyrighted costumes were obtained from sponsor companies,the photographers were divided into groups and took phtoes of popular cosplyers cosplayed as “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Black Magician Girl, “The Seven Deadly Sins” Elizabeth, “Monster Strike”, the majestic angel Archangel Gabriel,and so on in rotation.

In the box coverage after the second part, Enako revealed that she had more meetings with the office and staff than the previous event, and “Thanks to wonderful models, staff, and Mr. R Fujimoto, it became a really fun photo session.” and “I will keep on doing what cosplayers can do”.

Photography: Hanmo (@nigellizhe), Nogi Akira (@Osefly)