Dec. 19 is Uesaka Sumire's birthday.

Uesaka Sumire started her career as a voice actress in 2010's. She won the Rookie Female Voice Actress Prize at 10th Voice Actor Award. Not only was she active as an artist and a radio personality, but she also has a deep knowledge Russia.
In 2019, she played several main characters in several animes, including, “Star Twinkle Precure” and “O Maidens in Your Savage Season”.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted a survey titled “Who is your favorite character of Uesaka Sumire?” following the survey conducted in previous year.
A total of 89 people had
answered the survey from Dec.3 to Dec.10.
The male readers made up about 70% of total vote, and female readers made up about 30%, with higher ratio of male readers. Nineteen years old or under made up about 35% of overall vote, and 20's made up also made up of about 35%, with higher voting rate from younger generations.

■Top is “StaPuri” Yuni The unique end of words is also cute
The 1st place was Yuni from “Star☆Twinkle Precure”. The support rating was about 35%.
Yuni is an alien from Planet Rainbow. Not only can she change into Cure Cosmos, but also can change into several forms, such as Blue Cat the space thief, and Mao the space idol.
There were comments saying, “Although she was a cool character as if she was an additional member, I was charmed by her nature airhead personality”, “she looked unique compared to all the Cures up until now in a way she always disappear after a battle was over and acting alone by not going to school”, “although she is not honest, she cares about her friends and her fighting scenes are cool!”. Her end of words were also popular and there was a comment saying, “her low tone voice and her end of the words 'meow' is very cute.”

The 2nd place was Dekomori Sanae from “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”. The support rating was about 8%, and ranked one grade lower than the previous year.
Dekomori is 3rd year in a middle school, and has a trademark of the long pigtails, which sometimes she swings as her weapon. There was a vote that her unique end-of-words, “Desu!”, was the reason for voting for her; “she was charming like she is a returnee desu!”

The 3rd place was Shirasagi Chisato from “BanG Dream!” The support rating was about 7%.
Shirasagi Chisato plays base in Pastel*Palettes, and is a realist who is active for playing a child's role. She is popular for her strength within her, and there was a comment to it saying, “although she looks like she does everything perfectly, but she works hard and that makes me wanted to support as she fascinated me.”

■Introducing other comments!
To Pipimi from “Pop Team Epic”: “She was a representative of Poputepi voice actors because she was successful, like she sang a theme song of the anime.”
To Peach Maki from “Hozuki's Coolheadedness”: “She doesn't have the face expressions of an idol, although she is cute. 'Caramel Peach Jan 120%', her character song, is so addictive that it stuck in my head after listening it for the first time.”

To Erika Adendt from “Fist of the Blue Sky: REGENESIS”: “She has a key role in the story. Her kindness and fleeting atmosphere was well expressed.”
To Nonna from “Girls&Pantzer”: “She is the best role for Ms. Uesaka because Ms. Uesaka is fluent in Russian.” Ms. Uesaka's Russian appeared in the story was popular.

The characters from 2019's latest animes, such as “Star☆Twinkle Precure” and “Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?”, also ranked in this year's survey. The result makes us anticipate for her next year's characters.

■Ranking Top 10[“Who is your favorite character of Uesaka Sumire?” 2019 version]
1st: Yuni from “Star☆Twinkle Precure”
2nd: Dekomori Sanae from “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”
3rd: Shirasaki Chisato from “BanG Dream!”
4th: Peach Maki from “Hozuki's Coolheadedness”
5th: Pipimi from “Pop Team Epic”
6th: Sherlock Holmes from “Monster Strike”
6th: Nonna from “Girls&Pantzer”
8th: Anastasia from “The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls”
8th: Takanashi Sora from “Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!”
8th: Kojima Kana from “Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?”
8th: Shacks from “Megido72”

(Survey conducted from Dec.3, 2019 to Dec.10)