The “Ankh” from “Kamen Rider OOO” will become a toy that is wearable on your right arm as “TAMASHII LAB Ankh”. It can be pre-order at “Tamashi Web Shop” in Premium Bandai.

“TAMASHII LAB Ankh” is created after analyzing the “Ankh” in detail from various photos and videos. The sharp shape of the feather parts are re-created by using ABS material.
It looks perfect from all angles and was re-created to match the real thing as close as possible.

In addition to the three Core Medals with voices recorded, “Taka Core Medal”, “Tora Core Medal”, and “Batta Core Medal” are also included.
The three Core Medals contain over 70 newly recorded lines from the Ankh voice actor, Miura Ryosuke. It had several modes such as “Daily Routine Mode”, “Battle Mode”, and “Hey! Eiji!! Mode” that you change to experience the various situation from the show.

The price for 「TAMASHII Lab Ankh」 is 14,300JPY (tax included). It can be pre-order at “Tamashi Web Shop” in Premium Bandai until Feb. 24, 2020 and the shipping is schedule for May, 2020.

(C)Ishimori Production・Toei