TV anime “Gleipnir” will be broadcast on Apr. 2020. Together with that announcement, the main cast; Hanae Natsuki (as Kagaya Shuuichi), Touyama Nao (as Aoki Kurea), and Hanazawa Kana (as Aoki Erena), was revealed.

“Gleipnir” is a “grotesque science fiction action & romantic comedy” manga that is currently serialized in “Young Magazine the Third”.
Kagaya Shuuichi, a young boy who had the special ability to “transform into a mascot costume” which is a problematic ability to the world meets a young girl, Kurea who appears before him as if she was attracted to his ability. At the same time, mysterious incidents keep occuring and Shuuichi is attacked by “monsters” that have the same ability as him. Shuuichi and Kurea have to work together as one to create their own destiny as they are dragged into the battle with the monsters over “coins” that bring about huge calamities.

It was also revealed that the opening theme will performed by H-el-ical//, a new solo project by one of the members of Kalafina, Hikaru.

TV Anime “Gleipnir” will be broadcast on Apr. 2020 on TOKYO MX and others.

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