Kumeta Kouji’s manga 『 Kakushigoto 』 gets an anime adaption in Apr. 2020. The teaser visual and teaser PV are released. Furthermore, together with the cast announcement, we have received comments from Kamiya Hiroshi (as Gotou Kakushi), Takahashi Rie (as Gotou Hime) and the author Kumeta Kouji.

Kumeta Kouji’s manga 『 Kakushigoto 』 is a comedy manga depicting the trouble in the manga business and is currently serialized in 「Weekly Shounen Magazine」.
It is a ” love, laughter and a bit sentimental ” story about the slight erotic manga artist, Gotou Kakushi who is struggling to hide his job from his primary fourth grader daughter, Hime.

The teaser visual which was released this time shows Kakushi and Hime facing each other at the beach side. The memories and secret of this parent and child are shown in the background which emphasize the development for this work.

Next, the teaser promotion video was designed in a beautiful yet emotional manner as it depicts the father-daughter relationship between Kakushi, who is worrying about his secret, and Hime.
Kamiya is voicing the father Kakushi, who is keeping his job, 「 manga artist 」, a secret from his daughter, and Takahashi is voicing the daughter Hime, who is a primary school fourth grader with short straight bangs as her trademark look. Takahashi’s voice was revealed for the first time in the teaser video.

TV Anime 『 Kakushigoto 』 will be broadcast in Apr. 2020. The author Kumeta Kouji drew a celebratory illustration to celebrate the anime adaptation on a shikishi (message board). This shikishi with his signature will be presented in the present campaign that is being held in the official Twitter.
< Below are the full comments >
【 Kamiya Hiroshi 】
Q1. Impression of this work
This is a work where Kumeta sensei had used himself as the model for the manga artist and it is definitely the usual Kumeta work up until now but… the theme, quality of the (dirty) jokes and the future development drawn in the comic… I feel that this is his large compilation of all the good parts in his work up until now.

Q2. Impression of and enthusiasm towards playing the character
Since I had done the narration for the sales commercial of the first volume of the comic, so I participated in the audition for the anime adaption this time. The fatherly look and his look as a working man… I will do my best to express the troublesome different aspects of Gotou Kakushi!

【 Takahashi Rie 】
Q1. Impression of this work
I had read the original manga when I was taking the audition. Since that time, it has played like an anime in my mind as the tempo of liveliness of the character are that great! The conversations are so cute and lovely… it gives off an impression of a mysterious work as you will enjoy it unintentionally letting out a laugh and end up feeling mentally tired.

Q2. Impression of and enthusiasm towards playing the character
She has all the cute aspects of a child gives off an impression of literally being the perfect 「 loving daughter 」. Despite being a child, Hime gave off a smart impression as she is good at trying to stay calm. So, I will do my best so that I am able to bring out the appeal of that brilliant balance.

【 Kumeta Kouji 】
I think this will be my last anime adapted work so please look forward to it.

(C)Kumeta Kouji・Kodansha/Kakushigoto Production Committee