The 2nd promotion movie for the new TV anime by the studio TRIGGER, “BNA”, has been released. On the last cut, it has been announced that Kagemori Michiru (CV: Morohoshi Sumire) will sing the opening theme song, “Ready to”, and AAAMYYY will sing the ending theme song, “NIGHT RUNNING”.

“BNA” is the complete original anime directed by Yoshinari Ryou, who has directed “Little Witch Academia”, and the script will be written by Nakajima Kazuki from “Promare”.
The story is set in a society where the “humans” and “therianthrope” coexist. Kagemori Michiru has been a 17-year old human but suddenly changes into a raccoon therianthrope. She is happy because she learns that she can “live freely” at the therianthrope special zone “Animal City”, but also learns that danger exists in the “Animal City” as well, by encountering a wolf therianthrope, Ookami Shirou.
The bond between Michiru, who has learned that way of living of the “therianthrope”, and the wolf therianthrope becomes a key to change the world…
Why Michiru has become a therianthrope?

The 2nd promotion video has been released prior to the exclusive advanced broadcast on Netflix and TV broadcast on Apr.
In the movie, many therianthropes continually make appearances with the high tempo of the opening theme song, “Ready to”, by Kagemori Michiru (CV: Morohoshi Sumire). How those characters, including the dolphin therianthrope, “Nina Flip”, the bear therianthrope, “Jacky”, the wandering albatross therianthrope, “Binga”, and etc. will interact with Michru… this is an appealing point together with interesting lines.

In the latter half of the movie, there is an interesting scene of Alan Silvasta, who leaves a comment on the danger approaching to the special zone “Animal City” was filled with light pink lights.
Shirou, who coldly leaves the comment to Michiru by saying, “You are a human being. You never understand the feeling of a therianthrope”. How will Michiru and Shirou end up after being involved in the unexpected big incident while chasing the clues for the mystery of why Michiru has become a therianthrope.

TV anime “BNA” will be broadcast from Apr. 8, 2020, on Fuji TV “+Ultra” and other channels. The 1st to 6th episode will be exclusively broadcast in advance on Netflix from Mar. 21.

(C) 2020 TRIGGER・ Nakajima Kazuki/”BNA” Production Committee