Compared to last year, 2019 has seen a sharp increase in searches for people, works, products and these are all revealed in the publicly acclaimed “Yahoo! Search Awards 2019”. Under the Anime and Manga division: “Oda Eiichiro”, “Kaji Yuki”, “Demon Slayer”, “Weathering With You” and “The Twelve Kingdoms” have each been awarded a category prize.

“Yahoo! Search Awards” was first established in 2014. The award is publicly recognized, and bestowed by using data from the nation’s biggest search engine service and comparing it to the previous year by examining the highest increase of searches on people, works and products, to name a few.

The act of looking up on the Internet is an active process and it reflects people’s interests and motives, hence it can truly be considered an award elected by the Japanese citizens.

<Artist Category Award> Oda Eiichiro’s search numbers have risen drastically ever since his appearance on “Really!? TV” which featured his house. Again, in September, YouTuber Fischer&apos;s visited his home to talk about the manga One Piece’s series finale which became a hot topic.

<Voice Actor Category Award> Kaji Yuki who has a broad portfolio of work and not only performed in countless anime productions, but commercials (CM) and news programs too saw a sudden sharp increase in searches as well. News of his marriage to voice actress Taketatsu Ayana in June has also been often searched.

<Anime Category Award> “Demon Slayer” is an anime based on a serialized comic in Weekly Shounen Jump, created by Gotouge Koyoharu and started broadcast since April. The season’s arc, named “Kamado Tanjiro’s life story” has become a hot topic. Confirmation of the continuing arc, “Eternal Train”‘s film release saw a drastically sharp increase in search numbers.

<Movie Category Award> “Weathering With You”, directed by Shinkai Makoto, was released in July. Since his previous work “Your Name”, national theaters observed a breakthrough of 10 million viewers for the first time in 3 years. The movie’s theme song produced by RADWIMPS as well as its voice actors drew a lot of attention.

<Novel Category Award> “The Twelve Kingdoms” that topped a cumulative total of 12 million prints saw a sharp increase in searches for the series’ new release titled, “Shirogane no Oka Kuro no Tsuki”. The long running series stretching 18 years has become a highly anticipated story, resulting in a flood of pre orders following the announcement of the book’s sales.

Further details on “Yahoo! Search Awards 2019” can currently be found on Yahoo! JAPAN’s Special Page.

“Yahoo! Search Awards 2019”
Summary: An award granted for a sharp increase in Internet searches for people, works, products in 2019 compared to the previous year.
※Chosen according to the total sum of searches for people, works and products within a day on average that has seen an increase compared to last year’s.