The latest "My Hero Academia" stage play, 「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage: A True Hero」 has released its poster with the heroes gathering together including new characters such as Gran Torino and Stain. There was also a comment from Tamura Shin (as Midoriya Izuku) saying "Using the previous play as the base, I'm looking forward to make this stage a 'Plus Ultra' experience exceeding everyone's' expectations."

「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage: A True Hero」 is a stage play based on the comic by Horikoshi Kohei that has over 24,000,000 copies published, and is serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump". It is a sequel to the play 「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage」 in Apr. 2019.
The play is set in Hosu, depicting the battle between the protagonist Midoriya Izuku and Stain the "Hero Killer".

Many new characters such as; Gran Torino (the teacher of All Might), Stain (the hero killing villain), Best Jeanist (No.4 hero), Jiro Kyouka, Sero Hanta, and Ashido Mina will be appearing on stage.
Released alongside these new characters were; an image of Midoriya Izuku, All Might and others gathering together, the poster of the play, and a video commercial.

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Performing dates of 「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage: A True Hero」 are;
・Mar. 6 to Mar. 22, 2020 at Steller Ball, Shinagawa Prince Hotel
・Mar. 27 to Apr. 5, 2020 at Theater Drama City, Umeda Arts Theater

<Comments are as below>
Motoyoshi Tsuneyasu (Stage Producer)
There's nothing more grateful and wonderful than being able to produce this sequel. I'm full of feelings to connect the actors, lights, music, images, scenic design, and dance from the last play, and making it even richer.
Using the previous play as the base, I'm looking forward to make this stage a 'Plus Ultra' experience exceeding everyone's' expectations. We as a company hope to embrace the intensifying and deep world of the original work, and stay in line with the theme "A True Hero" through our performance.

Tamura Shin (as Midoriya Izuku)
The sequel of 「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage」 has come!
After the last play, we've received great feedback along with questions asking if we will have a sequel or not.
I and the other staff also wanted to make a sequel, so I'm glad that this new play can be performed!
We will work hard with respect, love for the original works in our hearts and the "Plus Ultra" spirit to make this new play "A True Hero" enjoyable to everyone! Please look forward to 「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage: A True Hero」!

Kobayashi Ryota (as Bakugo Katsuki)
I've always wanted to "return to this stage" since the first play. At last, a sequel has come. I'm full of joy. I want to thank everyone for their support. The music from the last stage still motivates me every day.
This play is a great wall I must get over to accelerate as an actor, just like the step Bakugo took. However, the time confronting him is awesome and I feel relieved by speaking through him. He is definitely my hero. I will do my best. Let's go beat them Kacchan (a nickname for Katsuki). Please look forward to 「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage: A True Hero」.

Takeuchi Yume (as Uraraka Ochako)
Hi, I'm Takeuchi Yume and I will be performing as Uraraka Ochako.
「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage」 was a blast with the combining of the passion of the audience and the company. I'll never forget the sight of people coming to every performance even at the standing seats. I'm extremely grateful for being able to return to "My Hero Academia" stage play as Ochako!!
I hope to face the challenges and go "Further Beyond" with the new characters. Please look forward to the new "My Hero Academia" stage play!
Plus Ultra!!

Ino Hiroki (as Iida Tenya)
I'm very grateful for being able to perform as Iida Tenya again.
I think the last play was well brought together with all of the cast and staff trying hard to make a great play from scratch.

Upon performing a new stage, there is naturally some pressure to exceed the last performance. But I still have the ambition to reach a new level with the new cast. Please look forward to our work, we will be waiting for you at the theaters!

Kitamura Ryo (as Todoroki Shoto)
Hi, I'm Kitamura Ryo and I will continue to perform Todoroki Shoto from the last play. I'm grateful for being able to perform in the sequel and looking forward to embodying and delivering that passion again!
We will do our best, please look forward to our stage play!

Iwanaga Hiroaki (as All Might "muscle form")
We will do our best with the new staff and cast to create a play that will becomes a historical legend, going further beyond the last performance, for all of you who have or haven't watched our last stage. Please look forward to 「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage: A True Hero」!

(C)Horikoshi Kohei/Shueisha・「"My Hero Academia" The "Ultra" Stage」 Production Committee