An izakaya in Ikebukuro, Tokyo called “ROBOT KICHI-Robot Animation SAKABA-“, where you can enjoy the various robot animes such as “Mobile Suit Gundam” and robot figure, announced that they will add new feature “Playable Bar” from Dec. 2; The dioramas will be built for the guests to take pictures of their own robots.

The new “Trick-art diorama sheets” are the sheets that the guests can enjoy taking pictures of theirs robot plastic model, and it was built in cooperation with “Hakoniwa Giken”, a group which is famous among the hobby fans for selling diorama seats.
The design of the trick arts will be changed regularly, and the first two themes are “space” and “battle of deserted land~desert background~”. The “space” allows you to take a picture as if it was launched from the colony.

Additionally, as a “gathering of diorama space”, “Right on the equator-a desert where a colony has fallen”, is a work by diorama artist Segawa Takashi, will be set.
The sheets was created to make the wish of robot fans come true, which is “we want to take pictures similar to the diorama examples on the magazines.” Since the width of the space is 60cm, you can enjoy taking pictures with your friends. The visual of the work will be released on Dec. 2 on the official Twitter.

In “ROBOT KICHI-Robot Animation Sakaba-“, addition to the feature introduced above, they have “ROBOT KICHI activity log”, a method to introduce the works to the robot fans of the world, “ROBOT KICHI meeting”, a contest to compare the plastic model created for the theme or the best works of the guests, and others. They will continue to expand the activities as a “ROBOT KICHI” circle.