TV Anime "Hikaru no Go" Collab Cafe event will be opened for a limited of time, starting from Nov. 28, at Animate Cafe in 3 cities: Ikebukuro, Sendai, Nagoya. The Cafe's items on the menu are based on the images of characters from Hikaru no Go and the merchandises will feature original artworks never seen before.

At the cafe, not only you can enjoy a variety of collab menu items that based on characters from the series such as Shindou Hikaru, Fujiwara no Sai, Touya Akira and others, there are also quizs that you can take to win special prizes if you get them right. Original menu items based solely on the characters such as "Go Club Big Recruitment Tsutsui's Tsumego Quiz Plate" are also available for ordering.
Those who order from the collab menu will receive a random drink coaster featuring artwork from the series, up to 8 options.

The Cafe also has goods that feature original artwork, such as "BIG Acrylic Stand", "Trading Portrait", candies that look like a Go stone, Fujiwara no Sai acrylic charm inside a Go Bowl Style Accessory Case and more. All of these limited goodies are available for purchase.

TV Anime "Hikaru no Go" x Animate Cafe event will begin on Nov. 28, 2019 until Jan. 7, 2020 at Animate Cafe in Ikebukuro, Sendai, Nagoya. Ikebukuro Animate Cafe entry reservation will be decided by lottery while Sendai and Nagoya will be free entry. Please check reservation details and other infomation on Official Website.

TV Anime "Hikaru no Go" x Animate Cafe Overview

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