A collaboration cafe based on the animated series “Astra Lost in Space” will be hosted by “Princess Cafe” in Akihabara and Fukuoka. The food that was featured in the series and good will be on sale.

The collaboration cafe based on “Astra Lost in Space” offers foods & desserts such as “Dorapon breast hamburg steak", "Suspicious Pancake of Bizarre Fruits”, “Aries Flash! Astra & Ark 6 Docking Bread”, “The Space Pudding Sister Poli Ate” and “yUMMy! Candy Plant”.

Furthermore, the cafe will also offer drinks with colors and flavor reminiscent of each character. Each order of food & drink will be accompanied by 1 limited edition postcard.

Also a lineup of original goods such as tin badges, acrylic key holders and acrylic stamps will be on sale.

“Astra Lost in Space” & “Princess Cafe” will be open from Nov. 27 to Dec. 24, 2019 in Akihabara and from Mar. 4 to Mar. 15 in Fukuoka.

(C)Kenta Shinohara/Shueisha, ASTRA LOST IN SPACE COMMITTEE