New anime PV and main visuals from TV anime “Somali and the Forest Spirit” (starting in Jan. 2020) have been released. Shibata Rie, who is appearing in an anime for the first time, and others such as Hayami Sho, Seki Tomokazu, Kayano Ai and Takagaki Ayahi joining the cast. We have received a comment from Shibata Rie.

“Somali and the Forest Spirit” is a fantasy manga by Gureishi Yako, published in “WEB Comic Zenyon”. The story follows the adventures of a father and daughter along with a “golem”, the keeper of the woodsin a world ruled by strange creatures while humans are on the brink of extinction.

The new PV that has been released is a extended version of the first PV. The PV will expand your imagination of the storyline and the world of “Somali and the Forest Spirit”.

Shibata Rie has been cast for Rosa-obasan, a lady the protagonists meet in town. This will be her first appearance in a TV anime series.
Also, the cast for the creatures and witches were announced, Hayami Shou as Musurika, Seki Tomokazu as Kokilira, Kayano Ai as Hazel, and Takagaki Ayahi as Praline.

TV anime “Somali and the Forest Spirit” will be broadcast on AbemaTV, TOKYO MX, and BS Nittele, starting in Jan. 2020.

Hello, I’m Shibata Rie and I will be doing the voice for Rosa-obasan. I had much fun since this is my first time voicing as a TV anime character, and the character I will be playing has quite the personality. I even sang a children’s song in my act. The storyline is very firm and I believe people that don’t usually watch anime can enjoy this show. Please look forward to seeing how I get involved with Somali, the main heroine.

(C)Gureishi Yako/NSP/Somali and the Forest Spirit project, mixer