It was revealed that Kasahara Ryuji, Happy Endo, and others would appear as additional casts in the new winter movie “Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation” (Dec. 21 Road Show)
This time, the 10 casts who support Fuwa Isamu and Yaiba Yua are announced. They are in the zero-one world, where humans are dominated by HumaGear.

In addition to Kasahara and Happy Endo, actors such as stage actor Takenaka Hayato, Shiomi Yuki active as a sword actor, and Tom Constantine, a foreign stuntman, appear as new casts.

In addition, unique actor Guymon, stage actress Hashimoto Yurika, movie actor, Suzuki Fumina, who is also active as a gravure idol, stage actor Sano Yusuke, actor Sato Takayuki, etc. are on the list of additional casts.
The new casts will act as members of the resistance that supports Fuwa and Yaiba in the world of Zero One, and also confront HumaGear Izu, who sides with the resistance. The relationship between the resistance and HumaGear Izu and its changes are likely to be a highlight.
“Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation” will be screened nationwide from Dec. 21.

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[Sugihara Teruaki (Director)]
This movie has a big theme called “Dream”. It depicts the relationship between HumaGear and humans that Aruto has dreamed of, even in a world that has been historically modified. For that reason, there was no particular script, but in the “world dominated by HumaGear”, I would like to add an additional scene in which the relationship between the resistance and Izu who sides with the resistance will improve throughout the movie. To that end, I thought that I had to leave an impression of various aspects of the resistance that changed greatly in the work, that’s why I cast unique performers.
At the stage of costume matching, the directors set costumes and tools on their own, but when we looked at the members of the resistance that were completed on the day of the filming, we thought, “Yes! Even during filming, they greedily answered what we wanted, and the action scenes, theatrical performances, and even the post-recording were great! I think that scenes depicting the changes in the relationship between Izu and the resistance are chest-warming so I would like you to watch them at the theater.

However, there was a strange excitement among some staff members who tried to shoot a spin-off during the filming of the scenes because the characters stood out too much. Lol
If possible, I would like to meet them somewhere in the main story.

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