The new winter movie following “Kamen Rider Zero-One” and “Kamen Rider Zi-O”, “Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation” will hit the screens on Dec. 21. Now it’s certain that the new infomation about Finis by Ikoma Rina and Will by Wada Sōkō.
The new actress for Finis, Ikoma Rina, and Wada Sōkō as Will are now unveiled.

Ikoma Rina appearing this work as a guest cast, is an ex-member of an idol band “Nogizaka46” and now mainly worked at stage play. She plays a Time Jacker Finis who plots to rewrite the Kamen Rider world history.
Finis comes from the future, wanting to prevent a large-scale explosion accident “Daybreak” that took place in an experimental HumaGear city 12 years ago. She brings together Another Rider unit to oppose the Riders.

Ikoma is a huge fan and has watched the Kamen Rider series every week, never missing an episode. She commented passionately, “I’ve always hoped to be part of it someday, so I’m just so happy! Me playing Finis, Kamen Rider’s enemy, made me feel empowered and ecstatic. (laughs)”

Wada Sōkō is an actor well-known for his roles in the movie “Hikkoshi daimyō!”, the drama “It’s your turn”, and other conversation-starter shows. In this one, he’s playing Will, a HumaGear holding the secret of birth of Zero-One.
Will used to be secretary of CEO Hiden Korenosuke, grandfather of the protagonist Hiden Aruto, but in the rehashed history Will himself took over Hiden Intelligence and is currently the boss.
The secret of Zero-One birth that Will keeps, and the reason why he took over the company are shrouded in mystery, and the suspense is palpable.
(Full commentary below)

Finis / Ikoma Rina:

I’ve always been in love with Kamen Rider, and I was hoping to be in the show someday.
It’s really amazing that the offer found me!
I liked Kamen Rider since Kūga, and “Kamen Rider Double” is my favorite.
When I read the scenario, I was super hyped about playing together with the last Heisei team AND the first Reiwa team at once.
The characters I’ve come to see on TV grew three-dimensional, I saw their different side, and that unique experience was pretty exciting.
I’d be dead in a second if I met Sōgo and others as my enemies in a normal situation, but Finis gave me the feeling that I became greater, stronger, and that felt sooo esctatic! (laughs)
This movie isn’t only awesome to those who had watched Kamen Rider every week, but also should really impress the new viewers.
Seriously, grab your kids or parents, friends, everyone, and check out the movie theater!!

Will / Wada Sōkō:

I’ve wanted to be like Kamen Rider as a kid, but I never thought I’d get to perform in it myself,
so I felt even more astonished than glad.
Will stands in the way of Aruto and others, but personally, I’m not playing him feeling like he’s their real enemy.
Kamen Rider has initially been artificial people made to bring ruin to humanity, I’m not forgetting that, but when I played the role I felt like we’ve returned to the roots.
The famous Blade Runner that told us about a Replicant riot, paints the Earth of 2019.
This movie ALSO takes place in 2019, telling about a HumaGear riot.
The numbers are too much the same to write this off as a coincidence, and must have a special meaning to it.
I hope I can convey these things as well as support the ever-cool mood of Kamen Rider.

ⓒ “Zero-One & Zi-O” Production Committee