The main visual and trailer of “Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation” (in theaters on Dec, 21), a new movie of **Kamen Rider Zero-One** and **Kamen Rider ZI-O**have been released.

The main visual has Zero-One and Zi-O’s faces with the background of a deserted city. You can see Kamen Rider 1 in Zero-One’s eye and a mysterious figure in Zi-O’s eye. The determination and enthusiasm are well expressed in the visuals.

The trailer starts from the shocking scene where the world is ruled by HumaGear since the rebellion of the HumaGear 12 years ago. It will hype you up for the secrets of Hiden Soreo and the birth of Zero-One, which were never revealed in the TV series.

“Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation” will be in theaters nationwide from Dec. 21. You can get a special gift of “Hiden Intelligence business card” & “Hikarigamori high school student card set” (2 of all 6 cards) for watching the movie.

(C)”Zero-One & Zi-O” production committee
(C)Ishimori Productions・TV Asahi・ADK EM・Toei