TV anime "Arte" will be broadcast from Apr. 2020. In addition to this news, the key visual and first PV were released. Furthermore, additional cast members and staff were announced with comments from said members.

"Arte" is set in 16th century Florence, Italy and is a medieval drama about a young noblewoman named Arte who goes against the current of the times to pursue becoming a female artist. The original work by Okubo Kei has sold a total of 750,000 copies.

In addition to Komatsu Mikako playing the role of themain character Arte and Konishi Katsuyuki playing the role of Leo who takes Arte as an apprentice, Enoki Junya will play Angelo, Ohara Sayaka will play Veronica, Toriumi Kousuke will play Yuuri, and M・A・O will play Katalina.
Moreover, the main staff includes Hamana Takayuki as director, Yoshida Reiko as script supervisor, Miyakawa Chieko as character design and general animation director, and Ito Goro in charge of music. The anime will be produced by Seven Arcs ("Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha").

"Arte" will be broadcast from Apr. 2020. For additional details about the broadcast, please wait for notifications from the TV anime official website or the official Twitter account.

<The following are the full comments from cast and staff>

【Role of Angelo: Enoki Junya】

Although Angelo grew up with many sisters and is quite friendly to women, he's very new at romantic situations so I thought that was cute. I hope that I'm able to portray how Angelo's world view changes little by little by him meeting Arte.

【Role of Veronica: Ohara Sayaka】

While I felt happy that we both "love reading books", I felt determined to do her character justice when I saw how she is often looked down upon for being a woman which was common in the time period but despite her gorgeous and delicate looks, she strongly and vigorously stands firm in her lifestyle as a courtesan. I feel like Arte and Leo's older sister, and I focus on being open-minded and elegance as I play the role♪

【Role of Yuuri: Toriumi Kousuke】

I was looking forward to playing the role of Yuuri this time, because you can't quite see his intentions, has one or two quirks, and is a character who will provide a certain kind of influence on Arte. And I really like playing characters that have this sort of hidden quality, so I'm already looking forward to it going on air. I hope you can all look forward to "Arte" with high hopes as well.

【Role of Katalina: M・A・O】

I found Katalina-chan charming because of how she is slightly awkward in the midst of her innocent character. I'm happy if you pay attention to the conflicts Katalina-chan faces and how she matures as a result of meeting Arte-san. Thank you in advance!

【Director: Hamana Takayuki】

When I read the original work set in 16th century Florence and Venice, I was moved by Arte who, despite facing the tough situations of the time period, kept tackling problems with a positive attitude. It was deeply moving as well to me as someone who expresses things through art as a job. Now, we're putting everything into producing this anime. I'm looking forward to the day we can share it with everyone.

【Script Supervisor】

Those who are steadfast, innocent and unwavering in their goal will face opposition, become dirtied and be beaten down. As I was reading the original work and writing the script, I was encouraged by the heroine Arte as she faced all of that, not always being able to accept it but still persisting on. I hope that everyone will also be able to get power from Arte.

【Character Design/General Animation Director: Miyakawa Chieko】

【Music: Ito Goro】

16th century Florence. It was a time when many cultures were intersecting, complex polyphonic music and secular songs were being rapidly written, and shortly after, Monteverdi created new music.
Around the time when the theme for Arte was about finished, everything became clear and the story of Arte charging towards her dreams began .
The music for the other characters came naturally as well. I'm looking forward to the release of the anime.