The “noble mistress” collaboration between the ongoing anime of spring 2020, “Arte” and “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!” has been decided. Starting with the illustration where Arte and Katarina hold up the flag of “noble mistress”, the collaboration 4-block manga will be released.

“Arte” is set in Florence, Italy of the 16th century, where Renaissance arts have been actively produced. This anime work depicts the daughter of a noble called Arte, who works to become an artist in the age when there was no understanding for a woman to live by herself, and the ladies were not allowed to what she wanted to do.

“My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom” (Also known as Hamefura) is about the protagonist who reincarnates into a villainess Katarina, who bothers the player's love in the world of the romance game called “FORTUNE LOVER”, and she eventually leads into a doom. She struggles to reach a happy future by evading doom flags.

What Arte and Katarina have in common is that they are both “noble mistress”.
In this collaboration, the illustration of the two forms “noble mistress alliance” and raise the flag of the alliance.
Also, the 4-block manga where Arte and Katalina from “Arte” and Katarina and Jiorudo from “Hamefura” collaborate in the 4-block manga.
The manga will be posted on the official Twitter of both works.

(C) Ookubo Kei/Core Mix, Arte Production Committee (C) Yamaguchi Satoru・Ichijinsha/Hamefura Production Committee