The Airing Period TV animation “Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki”‘s 2nd season has been decided. Additionally, the key visual and the new casts has been decided. New comments from the new casts and staff had arrived as well.

“Yatomgame-chan Kansatsu Nikki” is a work originated from Twitter, with a total of 400,000 copy sales (including e-books), and 66% of the total sales are in Nagoya. It has great popularity in one area. 1st season of TV animation was aired on Apr. 2019.

New characters from the 2nd season are as follows; Nanjou Yoshino is playing the role of Shonai Rara, from Shizuoka; Matsui Eriko is acting Jundara Rin, a character born in Mikawa area of Aichi Pref; Akabane Kenji is acting Teppei from Chiba; Kuroki Honoka is acting Itemae Shiharu from Osaka; and lastly, Itou Ayasa is playing Koshiyasu Nanaho from Kyoto. The hometown of the character and the actors/actresses are linked just like the 1st season.

“Yatogame–chan Kansatsu Nikki 2satsu-me” will be aired on Jan. 2020 on TV Aichi, and TOKYO MX, etc. Schedules on other broadcasting stations will be announced later.

<Full Comments are Printed Below>
【Character name- name of the actor/actress】
【Yatogame Monaka-by Tomatsu Haruka】

It is my pleasure to play the role of Yatogame one more time! It is a great occasion to speak with the Nagoya dialect, because as a job, I was recommended to speak with common pronunciations. Thankfully, the work strengthened a connection with my hometown, and try my best for “Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki”,to repay back to my hometown.

【Jin Kaito- by Ichiki Mitsuhiro】
In the 2nd season,more unique girls will be added in, although there are already many unique girls in the 1st season. I will work hard with Jin-kun to play the straight man in the anime. I hope that one day I can participate in the events with Ando-sensei, Adachi-san, and Hirasawa-san.It is even more wonderful if the event is held in Nagoya…

【Tadakusa Mai-by Wakai Yuki】
Hi, my name is Wakai Yuki, and I am playing the role of Tadakusa Mai!
I dedicated love with my full ability in the 1st season, but I will dedicate my love even! more! in the 2nd season!
I would like to propagate the good things about Tokai-area to the world even more with new characters from the 2nd season! As a representative from Gifu, I will work hard! Look foward to it!

【Sasatsu Yanna- by Komatsu Mikako】
Congratulation to 2nd season of “Yatogame-chan”!
It is a great occasion to show wonderful things about the members from Tokai-area and I can’t wait to see new characters!
I can tell that feeling of “Yeah, the author understands Tokai” and loveliness of the characters will attract all people from everywhere regardless of knowing Tokai or not. Please enjoy 2nd season as well!

【Jin Toshika-by Tojo Hisako】
I am happy to see Yatogame-chan again! You can see Toshika-chan with various expressions, not only surprising at the ringtone of the phone!

【Shonai Lala-by Nanjou Yoshino】
I can’t wait to act as Ms. Shonai (teacher), who does common things in Shizuoka!
Her last name and Shizuoka dialect comes from “Shonnai”, which I didn’t notice but I understand!Lines like that are what I’m really looking forward to!
I want to act Ms. Shonai lovely, mysteriously, but not shonnai (means pitiful, being no good)!

【Jundara Rin-by Matsui Eriko】
My name is Matsui Eriko, and I was born in Nakamura-ku, in Nagoya, and raised in the city of Gamagori! I have been talking about the wonderfulness of Mikawa-Gamagori for a long time in my own radio program, and it is my great pleasure to receive the role of Jundara Rin senpai. I will try my best to express love for Mikawa with cool, calm Jundara-senpai!

【Teppei-by Akabane Kenji】
Hello, my name is Akabane Kenji and I will be playing role of Teppei! I can’t wait to interact with Jundara Rin senpai from now! I am not sure how often the characters under the book cover (Teppei and Rin) I will do my best show the LOVELINESS!! of Jundara Rin senpai! Look forward to it!

【Itemae Shiharu-by Kuroki Honoka】
“Yatogame-chan” is the work which always makes me smile. I am happy because I always wanted to play the role of the character with Osaka dialect! I can’t wait for it to air! I want to show her loveliness with little sauciness, and try to catch up with the tempo of other actors/actresses at the same time!

【Koshiyasu Nanaho-by Itou Ayasa】
My name is Itou Ayasa, and I was born in Kyoto. I will be playing the role of Koshiyasu Nanaho, who is also from Kyoto.
It is my pleasure to participate in the work as a member of Yatogame-chan!
1st season of “Yatogame-chan” made me want to go to Nagoya! I can’t wait to see the interaction between the characters! Please watch the anime! (this was written in Kyoto dialect)

【Mr. Recchiri- by Inada Tetsu】
Congratulations on the 2nd season of “Yatogame-chan”!
They asked me to send comments to congratulate the 2nd season, but will my character really appear in anime?
Regardless of appearing or not, I wish this anime continues because 1st season was great and the recording was full of topics of Nagoya which I did not know of.
Personally, I LOVE Nagoya.

【General Director Hirasawa Hisayoshi】
The 2nd season of “Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki” is coming! Local topics and new characters will make the new season even more exciting! Our staffs and I are working very hard, wishing one day the anime goes from Tokai→Aichi Pref→Japan→World! Please look forward to it!

【Ando Masaki, the author】
The 2nd season will begin finally!! I am relieved that the subtitle that I introduced (Misoka2!, Misokatsu+two) was not used (laugh) Please enjoy even more powerful “Yatogame-chan”, having new characters with actors with top pick! Don’t miss it!! (with Nagoya dialect)

(C) Ando Masaki・Ichijinsha/Yatogame-chan 2nd season Production Committee