A live special program will be broadcast just before the TV anime “Arte”, which will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and other channels on Apr. 4.

The original of the TV anime “Arte” is a manga of the same title by Okubo Kei, which has been serialized in “Monthly Comic Zenon”.
It take place on Florence in the early 16th century. Arte, who was born as a daughter of an aristocrat in a city where painting and sculpture thrived, has had a passion for painting as far back as she could remember.
Arte spends her days dreaming of becoming a painter, but the flow of the times did not allow “women to become a painter”. That's why Arte was forced to make the biggest decision in her life…

“The live special program just before the TV anime 'Arte' broadcasts!” was broadcast at 1 pm on Mar. 29 on Nico Nico Live, YouTube LIVE, and Periscope (Official Twitter).
The program will feature Komatsu Mikako as Arte, Konishi Katsuyuki as Leo, and Enoki Junya as Angelo.
It will bring you the latest information, including highlights of the work and variety segments by the cast members.

(C) Okubo Kei / Core Mix, Arte Production Committee