Have you ever imagined your favorite characters crossing over to join forces? I myself can't keep my imagination from going out of control once I begin to think,, "If this character was with this other character, then…"

"Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan The Movie", broadcast on Nippon TV Friday Roadshow on Nov. 22, has realized such dreams.
Popular characters from each anime, such as Lupin the 3rd and Edogawa Conan, Mine Fujiko and Haibara Ai, are teaming up.

Here I give you my best 5 pairs before watching the broadcast! Your dream crossover may also be realized in the movie.

First, to enjoy this movie even further, here's some additional knowledge of the connection with the last show.

Lupin and Conan fight again! Keywords that you should have in mind
In fact, this is the second time Lupin and Conan share the screen. This movie is a sequel to the TV special "Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan" broadcast in 2009.

Of course, you can enjoy this movie on its own, but there are some plots that are connected with the TV special.

So, let's review 3 keywords that will help you further enjoy "Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan The Movie".

Vespania Kingdom
The TV special was set in the kingdom of Vespania. The interplay of Lupin and Conan centering on the valuable Vespanian mineral is one of the highlights of the show.

Sakurasaku Hotel
The hotel that held the party for the princess of Vespania arrival in Japan. By the way, the princess looks just like Mouri Ran.

The submarine
Mine Fujiko had chartered a submarine at the end of the TV special. It has become Conan's trauma.

It's not only Lupin and Conan! Check out these 4 pairs + bonus
The pair of Lupin and Conan are not the only thing to note. Here is my biased opinion of the best pairs, please check them out!

Jigen Daisuke & Edogawa Conan
They've got the attention in the TV special for pretending to be parent and child. Check out Conan skillfully using both child and adult sides and Jigen being reluctant to the roll and saying "Don't call me Dad!"
It's unfair that they pull off great combinations when in a pinch. There's no way to escape the charm of the gap. Jigen's secret notes that he prepared to face off Conan is a must-see!

Inspector Zenigata Kouichi & Detective Satou Miwako
In this movie, Inspector Zenigata joins the Metropolitan Police Department First Investigation Division to arrest Lupin. I unexpectedly thought he was cute when I saw this scene.
Detective Satou, whose first love was Lupin, was to support the investigation. Her persistence and annalistic abilities are as good as Inspector Zenigata.
Check out the two of a kind pair make every effort they can to arrest Lupin.

Mine Fujiko & Haibara Ai
There's a fan service of them taking a bath together! They start with girls' talk but before you know it they're trying to find out each other's intentions.
It's also nice that you can see some rare expressions on their faces.
By the way, my favorite scene is when they ride a motorcycle together.
Haibara wearing an oversize biker jacket is so cute.

Lupin the 3rd & Edogawa Conan
The last but not the least, the Lupin and Conan pair. The battle that was left hanging in the TV special will come to an end. Enemy or ally, the interplay of the two will keep you on your toes till the end.
The famous "I'm high school detective Kudou Shinichi" at the beginning of Conan movies is a bit different than usual.
Please enjoy the great performance coming from the two knowing each other well.

Bonus pair: Lupin the 3rd & Kaitou Kid
While the two do not battle directly, the sparks are still very hot. See with your own eyes which one is the best thief.

"Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan The Movie" is a high-spirited movie joining the characters of the two anime. You can't take your eyes off the characters working together as sometimes best buddies, other times odd pairs.
The battle(?) between Ishikawa Goemon and the Detective Boys is also interesting.

Whether you've already seen it or you're watching it for the first time, let's enjoy ourselves watching the Friday Road SHOW! on Nov. 22.

(C) Monkey Punch Aoyama Goushou/"Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan" production committee