The famous everlasting 『Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro』 originally created by Monkey Punch and directed by Hayao Miyazaki will once again hit the cinemas 40 years after its first screening, this time in 4D and will be screening from November 8 till November 21. The newly made poster visuals and preview video were just released as well.

『Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro』 is the second feature animated film for the movie 『Lupin the Third』 released back in 1979.
The film starts off with a thief named Lupin who had just stole a bill of 50 billion from a state-run casino, only to found out the bills were all fake. That’s when Lupin decides to target the country of Cagliostro next as that’s where the Goat bill was issued.
When Lupin and the others were naturally having a blissful time in the country, two cars suddenly passed by at tremendous speed. Why was there a girl in a wedding dress being chased by several armed men in a car? Naturally, Lupin traced the girl and succeeded in saving her. Unfortunately, they’ve let their guard down and the girl was once again kidnapped. Staring at the ring that the girl had left, Lupin declares to Jigen that he had failed to steal from this country. Lupin and the others later then found out the girl Clarisse’s wedding with count Cagliostro is slowly closing in.

In the 4D version announced this time, viewers can experience this popular work originally from TV broadcasts, in the form of a “ultimate cinematic” that combines the special effects along with realism that most movies do not have in ordinary theaters.
With the familiar“car chase scene”as the first, along with other impactful scenes like the “battle scene with「Kage」”and the exhilarating“infiltration through the water canal scene”, and scenes where the real charm of 4D comes in,”the big jump from the roof scene” and the “exciting battle scene at the clock tower”,
how about looking for a new thrill to enjoy?

Furthermore, a 『Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro』 cinema concert will be held in October 2019, along with the announcement that the latest movie 『Lupin the Third THE FIRST』 will be released on Friday, December 8, it seems that fans can also enjoy a “Lupin Year” towards the end of the year.

『Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro[4D]』will be screening from November 8th 2019 till November 21st 2019. Entrance fee is uniform 2,200Yen.
4DX(R)will be available in United Cinemas Aquacity Odaiba with a total of 58 screens, while MediaMation MX4D will be available in TOHO Cinemas, SHinjuku with a total of 8 screens.

Original:Monkey Punch
Director:Hayao Miyazaki
Screenwriter:Hayao Miyazaki Haruya Miyazaki
Animation Director:Yasuo Otsula
Music:Yuji Ohno
Art:Shichiro Kobayashi
Production・Work:TMS Entertainment
Original:Monkey Punch

【Voice Casts】
Lupin the Third:Yasuo Yamada
Fujiko Mine:Eiko Masuyama
Jigen Daisuke:小林清志
Goemon Ishikawa XIII:Makio Inoue
Koichi Zenigata:Gorou Naya
Clarisse:Sumi Shimamoto
Count Lazare d’Cagliostro:Tarou Ishida