Gorgeous houses are depicted in many in anime shows in various way. Stately mansions, houses with unique exteriors, fully loaded interiors…within all of these lovely residences, which house do anime fans want to visit the most?

Anime! Anime! surveyed readers with the question “Which Anime House Would You Like to Visit?”. The survey ran from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12 and garnered responses from 130 readers. 70 percent of readers were female and 30 percent were male. The age ratio was mainly concentrated on younger readers, with 55% of respondents age nineteen or younger, and 20% of readers in their twenties.

Counting down our results…

12. Nara Rikuo’s House – **Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan**
12. Nakagawa Residence – **Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo**
12. Tsurumaki Kokro’s House – **BanG Dream!**
12. Serena Sebastian’s House – **Case Closed**
12. Sanzennin Nagi’s House – **Hayate The Combat Butler**
12. Jam’s House – **Jam the HOUSENAIL**
12. Kuroba Kaito – **Magic Kaito**
7. Bulma’s House – **Dragonball**
7. Hanawa Kazuhiko’s House – **Chibi-Maruko**
7. Nohara Residence – **Crayon Shin-chan**
7. Nishikino Maki’s House -**Love Live!**
7. Ishisono Residence – **Sazae-san**
7. Matsuno Residence – **Mr. Osomatsu**
4. Emiya Shirou’s House – **Fate/stay night**
4. Uzumaki Naruto’s House – **Boruto – Naruto Next Generations**

With so many beautiful houses to choose from, there were bound to be some ties in the reader votes, but let’s see what palaces remain in our top three..

3. Usami Akihiko’s House – **Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance**

This apartment received approximately four percent of reader votes. Comments from readers included, “The fact that this luxury mansion has so many rooms is amazing itself, but so many rooms have a teddy bear collection as well…I want to visit and check out the collection!” and “I think it would be awesome to have a butler and maid like they do in this house…”
Most votes in this survey went to a solitary house, but this luxury apartment was able to crack the top 3.

2. Kudo Shinichi’s House – **Case Closed(Detective Conan)**
The residence of the protagonist of Case Closed received approximately eight percent of reader votes. The library full of books at the residence appealed to readers. “I would like to be able to see the British-style house and check out all of the books in the library!” was one of the comments regarding the famed detective’s house.

Kuroba Kaito and Serena Sebastian’s houses also ranked in at number 12. Readers wanted to visit Serena’s house to see “a residence more luxurious than even Kudo Shinichi’s”, while the Phantom Thief’s house was popular for “the mysterious design and hidden rooms within”.

1. Yorozuya Gin-chan – **Gin Tama**

Sakata Gintoki’s house marks number one on the ranking, and received approximately 10 percent of reader votes. An all do shop inhabited by the three main characters, readers were interested in “experiencing the laid-back feel of the Yorozuya” and how they could visit again and again without getting tired of the place.

All of the residences on this list have so much character, but being able to hang out and chat with all the different people visiting Yorozuya Gin-chan in **Gin Tama** seems like a fantastic experience.

(Survey Period: Nov. 5th, 2019 ~ Nov. 11, 2019)