The TV anime ‘In/Spectre Season 2 (broadcast scheduled for January 2023)’ revealed a “Situation Visual,” a scene cut out from the upcoming season. In addition, starting on October 10, Season 1 will be rerun.

‘In/Spectre’ is a TV anime that started airing in January 2020 (original author: Shirodaira Kyo, published by: Kodansha Taiga, manga by: Katase Chasiba, serialized by: Kodansha ‘Monthly Shonen Magazine’ and ‘Monthly Shonen Magazine R’).
The work has gathered a great deal of attention with its unique genre that combines romance, supernatural thriller, and mystery, and the story following the two “unusual” characters as they face the mysterious cases caused by the yokai.

The new visual shows a date scene of Kotoko and Kuro with Rikka watching them from a distance. Kotoko seems to be excitedly dragging Kuro around and unaware of Rikka behind them. Meanwhile, Rikka, with a horse racing betting ticket in her hand, gives a look on them.

In addition, a rerun of ‘In/Spectre’ Season 1 will take place every Monday at midnight, starting on October 10 on TOKYO MX and BS Nippon TV. This will be a perfect opportunity to review the story before Season 2 starts in January 2023.

The TV anime ‘In/Spectre’ will start airing in January 2023 on TOKYO MX and BS Nippon TV.

(C) Shirodaira Kyo, Katase Chasiba, Kodansha/In/Spectre Season 2 Production Committee