Already a month has gone by in the 2019 autumn anime season.

Not just the televised anime, but the theme songs within the world of anime have been huge attractions. With so many theme songs, what song has stolen the hearts of fans?

To answer this conundrum, Anime! Anime! published a survey, "2019 Autumn Anime Theme Songs, Which Song Do You Like?". Between November 6th to November 13th while the survey was active, 537 people answered. Of the people who answered, 35% were male and 65% were female, displaying the large percentage of female participants. As for the average age of the participants, they were mostly young people with 60% being 19 years old or under and 25% of participants answering they were in their 20s. Next we will announce the results from the ending theme songs survey.

At the top was the outstanding voice of LiSA's collaboration with SAO, in the number one place was "Sword Art Online Alicization, War of Underworld". It took the lead with about 17% of votes.

The ending theme song from SAO Alicization, War of Underworld was LiSA's "unlasting". Listeners commented, "LiSA's amazing voice combined with her serious story lines gave me major goose bumps." and "Whatever it is, its kinda emo. She has a voice that can stop your heart in your chest as she acts out Alice's emotions." enchanted by the synchronisation of song and story.
Since LiSA has been working with SAO from the very first season, there were various comments saying "If you think of SAO you think of LiSA. Just this collaboration alone is enough to make me cry." and "SAO and LiSA's partnership is just the best". As an artist who is so popular as to have made her debut on NHK's Red VS White Song Battle, she shines as the top artist.

In second place, "PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath 3". This song took second place with approximately 14% of votes.

The three-person rock band, Co shu Nie's song "bullet" received comments such as: "I get PSYCHO-PASS's dark world view- I just keep hitting repeat." and "I keep thinking excitedly, 'I wonder what their next single will be?' and also 'what will happen to those people on stage?'. The song makes me feel extremely anxious."
They used the same artist in the third season's opening theme song, as with the ending theme song, for the first time. There were comments putting the ending song the same as the opening theme song on the map, like "Even though the artist changed, the overall worldview is the same wonderful thing, so I thought I really want to sing it at karaoke!"

In third place, "My Hero Academia" season 4. This took third place by approximately 9%. Sayuri's "Voyaging Song" stole its way into fans' hearts by making fans think of the fourth season's main character, with people saying, "Its a beautiful singing voice so its easy to listen to. I like the way it feels like the song reaches into your heart." and "The song makes me think exactly of Eri. Sayuri's song writing skills are exceptional and I think its perfect for the current story line.". The ending anime is also popular with comments like "In any case Eri is just too cute.".

In the men's opinion, number one also went to "Sword Art Online, Alicization War of Underworld". Number two was "Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front- Babylonia", while third place was "We Never Learn" season 2.
Meanwhile in the women's opinion, number one was "PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath 3", number two, "Sword Art Online, Alicization War of Underworld" and finally "My Hero Academia" season 4.

Comments on "Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front- Babylonia" Eir Aoi's "Dream of a Fallen Star" received comments such as "It was a vivid reminder of Gilgamesh and Elkido's happy days and sad breakup and tears started welling in my eyes while I listened." and "I can't get enough of the partnership between Fate and Eir Aoi. Both the music and the lyrics are pretty good.".

As for "We Never Learn" season 2, halca's "After School Liberty" received comments such as "I like how in the pop style pictures, the characters become cute" and "Its interesting how together with the imagery it has a kind of confused feeling".

Other comments we received:
"African Office Worker" Lion (voiced by Akio Otsuka) 'White Colour Arrange'- "Just to be able to be sung to by Akio Otsuka is very precious and his beautiful, gentle voice heals me"

"Sounds of Life" season 2, Yuma Uchida's 'Rainbow'- "The second I heard this song I thought of "This Sound"'s rhythm's brightness and that is why I liked it.".

"Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun" Yu Serizawa's 'Devi-kyu'- "A cute demon is being represented even cuter [so I like it]." "The voice is cute for a Devi Kyu" It was rated highly for the cute singing voice.

In the ending theme song series, we saw more varied pieces than in the opening theme song series. In the next page, we will publish the top twenty works that didn't get a mention here so don't miss it!

Top 20 ranking:
"2019 Autumn Anime Theme Songs, Which Song Do You Like?"
#1 Sword Art Online, Alicization War of Underworld
#2 PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath 3
#3 My Hero Academia season 4
#4 Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front- Babylonia
#5 The Seven Deadly Sins, Wrath of the Gods
#6 Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun
#7 Aikatsu on Parade!
#7 Oresuki
#8 African Office Worker
#8 Sounds of Life (season 2)
#8 We Never Learn (season 2)
#12 ACTORS – Songs Connection
#13 Kaiju Step Wonder Panda
#14 Aru Hi No Sora
#14 Food Wars, The Fourth Plate
#14 Chihayafuru 3
#14 Chubyou Gekihatsu Boy
#14 Didn't I say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!
#18 Azur Lane
#18 Special Seven, Special Crime Investigation Unit, Number 7, Tokunana
#18 Kemono Michi

(Survey answered between November 6th 2019 and November 13th 2019)