From the TV anime "Fire Force" comes a trailer for "The Nether" series ahead of the 20th episode "Burst with Pride". The trailer shows Shinra and the "Special Fire Force Company 8" fighting against Sho and the "White Clad" in the nether.

"Fire Force" is a blazing dark battle fantasy with Ookubo Atsushi (the author of "Soul Eater") as the author and the production done by david production (known for their work on "JoJo's bizarre adventure".

The story is set in a world where "spontaneous human combustions" turn people into living infernos called "Infernals". The Special Fire Force was established to solve this mystery and save the human race. The new recruit Shinra Kusakabe, who is called "the devil", fights against the "Infernals" together with the members of the Special Fire Force.

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The 20th episode of TV anime "Fire Force", "Burst with Pride" will be broadcast on "Super Animeism" of MBS・TBS and other channels from 1:25 am on Dec. 6.

(C)Ookubo Atsushi・Kodansha/Special Fire Force Public Relations Department