The latest news about the third season of the TV Anime 『A Certain Scientific Railgun』 was announced. The official title would be 『A Certain Scientific Railgun T』 and is scheduled to begin broadcasting in January 2020.

『A Certain Scientific Railgun』 is a spin-off manga of 『A Certain Magical Index』. The story follows Misaka Mikoto with the the nickname Railgun who was involved in a certain incident in the Academy City as she tries to solve it. Its a continuation of the previous TV anime which is the 2nd season titled 『A Certain Scientific Railgun S』 which aired back in 2013.

With that, It has been known the latest broadcast will start in January 2020. Broadcasting stations are announced to be on AT-X, TOKYO MX, MBS, BS11, and AbemaTV. In addition, the main visual was released along with a special announcement.

Furthermore, comments from the artists of the main theme songs were released as well. With words right out of their chests, the opening theme's fripside and the ending theme's Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets.

<Below contains the full commentary>

【fripSide/Satoshi Yagonuma】
We fripSide have always been in charge of the theme songs for Railgun for 10 years since 「only my railgun」 back in 2009.
Now we will also be in charge of the theme song for the 「A Certain Scientific Railgun」!
We will do our best to deliver a theme song that gives off the Railgun and fripSide vibe.
Please look forward to it!

【fripSide/Yoshino Nanjou】
It has been 10 years since fripSide debuted with 「only my railgun」. fripSide wouldn't be here today without that song.
It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say fripSide was brought up by the 「Railgun」 series.
I'm really happy to be able to be involved in not only the 「Railgun」 series but also the 「A Certain」 series.
I'll go all out with the song to repay what 「Railgun」 have done for us! Look forward to working with you all!
And this time, I will also be playing as the role of Maaya Awatsuki, so please look forward to it!
I'm also really looking forward to it as it's been a while since i get a role to play as!

【Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets/Kishida】

I'm Kishida from Kishida Kyoudan.
I have spent my life reading light novels since I was in junior high school.
Of course, I remember numerous works from Dengeki Bunko.
And of course, I must admit that i'm still an annoying enthusiast of light novels till this day.
Sorry if i'm an annoyance!
To think a day where someone like me would be involved with "A Certain Scientific Railgun" would come…!
You never know what's gonna happen in life….
And because of that, I'm now really excited and pumped up.
I will with the best of my abilities add blossom to this series as much as I can.

【Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets/ichigo】

I'm vo.ichigo.
If we were told that we could form a band called JUDGEMENT 9 years ago just to say the line “I'm a member of the Special Public Committee Group!”
You can see how this offer would make ichigo happy to the point that its like a dream to her…
Seriously! Really happy!!!
(Kishida said it as well) You never know what's gonna happen in life….
I will sing with gratitude, spirit and heart for the series that I love! Look forward to working with you!

Series Composition:Shogo Yasukawa
Animation Character Design:Yuichi Tanaka
Art Director:Kentarou Izumi
Color Setting:Tomomi Andou
Photographer:Shingo Fukuyu
Editing:Shigeru Nishiyama(REALREAL–TT)
Acoustic Director:Jin Aketagawa
Music:Maiko Iuchi
OP Artist :fripSide
ED Artist :Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets
Animation Production:J.C.STAFF

Mikoto Mikasa:Rina Sato
Kuroko Shirai:Satomi Arai
Kazari Uiharu:Aki Toyosaki
Ruiko Saten:Kanae Itou
Misaki Shoukuhou:Azumi Asakura

(C)2018 Kazuma Kamachi/Motoi Fuyukawa/KADOKAWA/PROJECT RAILGUN T