PlayStation4(R)game『New Sakura Wars』(Will begin sale from December 12, 2019 was announced to have a new TV Anime『New Sakura Wars the Animation』. Directed by Manabu Ono who is known for directing『Sword Art Online Alicization』, boradcast will begin in 2020.

PlayStation4(R)game『New Sakura Wars』is a dramatic 3D action adventure game set in a fictional Imperial Tokyo during the「Taisho Period」, following the 「Imperial Strike Force」's work in battling the injustice.
The main characters are designed by Tite Okubo known for drawing the manga『BLEACH』, Kouhei Tanaka, who has contributed many songs in the series so far will be handling the music. Jiro Ishii, who's active beyond the boundaries of just games, TV anime, movies and media will be handling the story composition.

The main protagonist of the TV anime series『New Sakura Wars the Animation』decided for broadcast is a member of the「Imperial Strike Force's Flower Division」named Sakura Amamiya(Voice:Ayane Sakura). Featuring a story revolving around her. Director will be Tite Okubo who is known for directing series like『Sword Art Online Alicization』『Saki』, series composition will be handled by both Okubo and Tatsuhiko Urahata(『Hi Score Girl』etc.). Animation Production will be handled by Sanzigen Productions Co., Ltd who was also in charge of the game's opening movie and anime movie part previously. The opening song would be the main theme from the game「Geki!Imperial Strike Force<New Chapter>」

TV anime『New Sakura Wars the Animation』 will begin broadcast in 2020.

『New Sakura Wars the Animation』
Director:Tite Okubo(Sword Art Online Alicization/Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere/Saki series)
Series Composition:Tite okubo、Tatsuhiko Urahata(Hi Score Girl/Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere/GATE: Jieitai Kanochi Nite Kaku Tatakaeri)
Music:Kouhei Tanaka
Animation Production:Sanzigen
Original:Oji Hiroi、SEGA Games
Actors:Ayane Sakura/Maaya Uchida/Hibiki Yamamura/Ayaka Fukuhara/Saori Hayami/Yohei Azakami/Michie Tomizawa'