「KAWAII JAPAN」 which centered on the field of 「cosplay」a Japanese sub-culture, have decided to run a stock investment style crowdfunding through 「FUNDINNO」. The goal is to expand 「cosplayers」in foreign countries as part of a new market, funding will begin from September 16.

「KAWAII JAPAN」focuses on passing on and conveying a wonderful culture of Japan「Cosplay」to the world instead of money, a company established just to run that sort of business.

The stock investment-type crowdfunding that will be launched this time aims to improve the status and broaden recognition of the 「cosplay」culture so that cosplaying can be established as a legitimate occupation. Based on the company’s “COSPO” platform, it will take quite an effort to create and strengthen “cosplay” content by establishing a globally acclaimed community.

You can purchase shares of 「KAWAII JAPAN」 at the crowdfunding. Crowdfunding period begins from September 16 till September 18, 50 million¥ (up to 100,000 yen per unit, up to 5 per person) was set as the maximum amount.

「KAWAII JAPAN」 is the first stock-funded crowdfunding “I hope that investors will be able to have a taste of great content from Japan, expressing and empathizing with it. I hope that you will support our challenge in expanding the market and feel the attractiveness and potential of the market. ”

・Located at:Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 2-7-4 THESOHO706
・Representative:Yuki Shibuya
・Capital:35.57 million¥ (Including capital reserve)
・Business Description: Discovering and enjoying Japan’s cosplay sub-culture(Specializing in cosplay)as content!Support!App『COSPO』Media business centered on management business、Social Network Service(SNS)business development. Promotion for cosplay and cosplayers、casting、program production(『COSPO TV』,『AI QTV』9/10 26:10~ TOKYO MX1 etc.)、internet streaming、Event planning and production、general production
・Established on:September 16, 2016
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