An anisong outdoor fest “Aniera Festa 2019” will be held on Sep. 14 at Komaba Park in Saku, Nagano, which will contribute to the hometown, Nagano through the “anime culture” that Japan is proud of.

“Aniera Festa” is an anisong outdoor fest that was launched two years ago by Kobayashi Ryo, a representative of the anime goods sales company “Aniera” based in Nagano, to contribute to his hometown through the anime culture.

Besides you can multiply experience the anime culture such as a concert stage where multiple artists perform at the same time like a rock festival, a flea market that handles doujinshi and handmade works, and a cosplay photo shoot at Komaba Park, that’s gratifying that you can enjoy delicious sake and food made from Nagano.

The stage performers of this event are voice actors such as Terashima Takuma, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, and Makino Yui, including artists known for various anime theme songs, starting with Asaka, MYTH & ROID, and TRUE. In addition, DJ chefoba, DJ kaw*kaw, DJ Caesar and others who are successful in a wide range have been added.

“Aniera Festa 2019” will be held on Sep. 14 at Komaba Park in Saku, Nagano. Advance tickets are 6,800 yen (tax included), and day tickets are 7,500 yen (tax included). You can visit the official website for the details.

Anisong outdoor fest “Aniera Festa 2019”
Date: Sep. 14, 2019 (Sat)
Time: Open at 11:00, starts at 12:00, end at 8:00 pm (scheduled)
* Come rain or shine. Canceled in case of stormy weather
* Free area starts at 10:30 (scheduled)
Venue: “Komaba Park”, Saku, Nagano
Address: 55 Maruyama, Sarukubo, Saku, Nagano 385-0011
Organizer: Aniela / Seekers Ex Design / Shinshu TV
Support: Nagano Tourism Organization
Planning / Production: Aniera Festa Executive Committee
* All standing. No reservation seats.

DOS ticket: 7,500 yen (tax included)
ADV ticket: 6,800 yen (tax included)
(* Sold at 6,800 yen until Sep. 13 at ticket center or store)

Performing artists (by stage)
-Tempest Stage-
Asaka / MYTH & ROID / Terashima Takuma / Toyonaga Toshiyuki/ Ayano Mashiro / Makino Yui / bless4 / Suara / ChouCho / TRUE / EXiNA

-Phantom stage-
Yun*chi / Kozuki Serena / Omori Nichika from Jashin chan Drop Kick / DJ chefoba / DJ kaw*kaw / DJ Caesar ft Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary BEST ANIME MIX / DJ Keitan from RAB (Real Akiba Boys) / DJ KIMAGURE ft Key Best Song Remix -to the Future- / DJ tamu from USAGI Production / MC Narumi / DJ Ame / DJ ohigeCat & KyoChang
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