The main visuals of the animated movie『The Queen’s Corgi Rex’s Great Adventure』(October 25th Roadshow) which was based off the British royal family’s “Royal Corgi” was released. Several great voice actors will also be dubbing for the film. News about Yuichi Nakamura and Miyuki Sawashiro voicing the main characters had also arrived.

The main protagonist of the film 『The Queen’s Corgi Rex’s Great Adventure』is based off the “Royal Corgi” raised by British Queen Elizabeth when she was at a very young age.
The film follows the growth of a Corgi named Rex, which jumps out of the palace but was accidentally caught up in a huge uproar in the outside world.

The main visual that was release depicts Rex leading a bunch of his friends that he met in the outside world with Queen Elizabeth and King Philip in the back, all gathered in the Buckingham Palace. With such a energetic and cheerful face, you can expect him to be very active in the movie.

For the dubbed version, Yuichi Nakamura will be casting the main protagonist, the Royal Corgi Alex, the heroine which Alex meets in the outside world, Wanda will be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. Other casts such as Kouji Ochiai, Hiroshi Iwasaki, Haruka Shimizu, Chiaki Takahashi, Setsuji Satou, Kousuke Gotou, Michitake Kikuchi will also be dubbing for the film.

『The Queen’s Corgi Rex’s Great Adventure』 will be available in Aeon Cinemas throughout the nation starting from October 25.

<Below contains a full commentary>

【Rex Role:Yuichi Nakamura】
Its CG, that’s a definite for sure, but the movie makes them feel so alive, they 「feels so realistic」.
It is a work filled with vitality, the expressions they made feels like they’re really alive and breathing.
Sometime they feel like a dog, other times feel like a human…?I would be glad if you could enjoy the drama that shows various aspects of the Corgi in the theaters.

【Wanda Role:Miyuki Sawashiro】
There are really a lot of great voice actors here to dub the Japanese voices for the attractive characters each with their own unique personalities in the movie. Especially “that” Yuichi’s cute Alex voice is a must…! Can’t wait!

Movie『The Queen’s Corgi Rex’s Great Adventure』
Available in Aeon CInemas throughout the nation from October 25th!
Original Title:The Queen’s Corgi
Director:Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot
Scrrenwriter:John R. Smith and Rob Sprackling
Music:Ramin Djawiti
Editor:Vincent Kesteloot
Distribution:Aeon Entertainment
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