TV Anime 『SHIROBAKO』that was worked on by 「Musashino Animation(A.k.a. Musani)」and dAnime Store CM Last episode・The 6th 「Last Episode」 was announced. This time after the completion of the CM, a scene with original animations at Miyamoto's house was shown.

『SHIROBAKO』is made by the new staff of Musashino Animation with Aoi Miyamoto as the main, the anime conveys the troubles, frustration and conflicts that happens within an animation company, depicting the daily lives while working in the anime industry. A brand new anime adaptation and a film adaptation had also been decided, information regarding the new characters and film release date will be announced from time to time.
Within the dAnime Store CM collaboration series, "appearance of Musashino Animation staff working on dAnime Store's CM" can be seen.

Previous works up until the 5th CM except some original scenes, are mostly re-recordings of the TV Anime 『SHIROBAKO』. However this time, the 6th「Last Episode」is entirely made out of original animations. It is filled with scenes that can only be seen here like Miyamoto's appearance.

In the 6th 「Last Episode」arc, scenes such as miyamoto turning on the TV right after taking a bath, Miyamoto, Ema, Shizuka, Misa and Midori's reactions and behaviors in various situations are shown as a recollection of the past. Shizuka's Love-Comedy scene, Ema's action scenes and more…. To find out more on how each of them behaves, please do check out the CM.

「Anime Store Musani CM」 series currently available on 「dAnime Store YouTube Channel」.

Original: Musashi Animation
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima (水島 努)
Series Composer: Michiko Yokote (横手美智子)
Character Drafts: Ponkan8
Animation Character Design: Kanami Sekiguchi (関口可奈味)
Producer: Infinite (インフィニット)
Animation Production: P.A.WORKS
Production: 「SHIROBAKO」Production Commitee

(C)「SHIROBAKO」Production Commitee