The summer anime ‘Uncle from Another World’ released the synopsis and preview scene cuts for episode 5, “That Reminds Me, I Almost Got Assassinated Once.” The episode will be released on Wednesday, August 17.

‘Uncle from Another World’ is a comedy manga by Hotondoshindeiru that was first serialized in KADOKAWA’s webcomic site “ComicWalker”, which has produced many “Isekai” works such as ‘Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World’ and ‘KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!.’ It is currently serialized in “WebComic Apanda.”
The story begins when Takafumi visits his uncle in a hospital room to see him after a 17-year coma. Uncle tells Takafumi that while he was in a coma, he spend the 17 years in another world, “Grand Bahamal.” Hearing this, Takafumi thought that his uncle had lost his mind, but—

The title for episode 5 is “That Reminds Me, I Almost Got Assassinated Once.”
In an attempt to use his magic to make a great deal of money, Fujimiya suggests to Uncle, “How about becoming a professional baseball player?” However, Uncle, who had watched the baseball players practice under the blazing sun every day in high school, rejects the idea, saying they did not want to do anything that would cheat.

“I know how much effort they make because I also worked hard on Alien Soldier,” Uncle says Fujimiya and Takagumi, who are taken aback by his serious tone. He keeps going on and tells them a story when he almost got assassinated.

‘Uncle from Another World’ episode 5, “That Reminds Me, I Almost Got Assassinated Once,” will be available on August 17 on TOKYO MX and other channels.

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