From the TV anime “Uncle from Another World” comes the teaser visual depicting the Uncle that returned from another world and his nephew, Takafumi.

“Uncle from Another World” is based on the brand-new another world comedy manga by Hotondo Shindeiru that is currently serialized on “WebComic Apanta”. It depicts the heroic another world life of Uncle, who had stayed in another world, called “Grand Bahamal” for 17 years, and the daily routine of his nephew, Takafumi, who is sharing the same room as him.

The teaser visual depicts the Uncle using the fire spell at the ward, and Takafumi, who is surprised by that. Do look forward to the anime adaptation of the “Blood, tears, and the frequent game story of the Uncle that came back from another world”.

TV Anime “Uncle from Another World”.

(C) Hotondo Shindeiru, Kadokoawa Publishing/ Uncle from Another World Production Committee