“AD-Live 2022,” the latest in a series of improvisation stage plays by popular voice actors, will be held for a total of 12 performances over six days starting on August 27, 2022. It has been announced that all the performances will be streamed live on the Internet video streaming service “GLOBE CODING”.

“AD-Live” is a stage play in which Kenichi Suzumura serves as the general producer and many popular voice actors appear, all of which are spun by improvisation. Last year’s performance, “AD-Live 2021,” was the first in the series to be performed in two acts under the theme of “if: Tatemae and Honne,” and attracted the attention of the public.

Under the theme of “Delightful Ensemble Drama!,” “AD-Live 2022” follows the story where the three main actors, which change depending on the date, improvise a live-program on television.
Two of the three performers in each performance will be first-time “AD-Live” performers. The other actors include a legendary voice actor and five active actors from the field of 2.5 dimensional stages. Suzumura, the general producer, will appear in all performances as a guest cast member “Irodori-Live”.

Do not miss the unpredictable performances that can only be seen on that specific day, at that specific location, at that specific moment. To witness moments of miracle, checkout the live streaming on GLOBE CODING.

(C)AD-LIVE Project