“Blue Orchestra”, the manga of passion toward music through youth age, will be adapted into TV anime series through NHK E-TV and this will be broadcast on spring of 2023. The teaser visual was released together with the announcement, and the comments from the original author Akui Makoto and the chief producer Sakata Jun have arrived.

“Blue Orchestra” is the youth ensemble human drama by Akui Makoto, which is currently serialized on “Manga One” and “Ura Sunday”. Aono Hajime is the middle school student and the violinist who played well in the competitions because by his father, however he stopped playing violin after his father have left his home, becoming apathetic. He once again starts playing music after begins to teach music to Akine Ritsuko, who is new to violin.

Aono again finds music interesting and enters Umimaku High School, the school with long history of winning orchestra competitions, together with Akine. He faces his past and improving his skills, while works\ing together with his rivals and friends. The orchestra club of Umimaku High School have members with complex past regarding family relationships and their skills. Each member faces directly with their obstacles and try to improve their music toward upcoming competitions…

The original author Akui commented toward the TV anime adoption on spring 2023 season, by saying, “I am so excited toward TV anime adoption! I hope you feel as you are sitting at the orchestra concert!”. The expectation towards new announcement will rise.

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Original Author/Akui Makoto
I am so excited toward TV anime adoption! I hope you feel as you are sitting at the orchestra concert!

Chief Producer Sakata Jun

“Blue Orchestra” is the youthful story, where the protagonist, who gave once experienced failure, grows up in the world of orchestra together with his friends. The passionate message of youth, “Working hard toward what you like” and “courage of recovering from failure”, will be delivered through animation, containing drama and music.