The latest film of the anime “One Piece”, “One Piece Film Red” will premiere on August 6, 2022. This time, the jacket cover of “Uta no Uta One Piece Film Red” by Oda Eiichiro has been unveiled. The jacket cover of the first pressing limited edition by the visual director of Ado, Orihara has also been unveiled. The full MV of the theme song “Shin Jidai” was released at 8:00 PM, on June 15.

The main character of “One Piece Film Red”, which is the world’s diva Uta will perform various songs in the film. The songs sung by Uta are handled by a total of 7 artists, which are Nakata Yasutaka, Mrs. GREEN APPLE, Vaundy, FAKE TYPE., Sawano Hiroyuki, Orisaka Yuta, and Hata Motohiro.
Moreover, the singing voice of Uta was announced to be Ado, who became popular immediately due to the powerful singing voice and expression. This announcement has also become a hot topic.

This time, the jacket cover of the album “Uta no Uta One Piece Film Red” has been unveiled. This album contains all the 7 songs sung by Uta (Ado) in the film and it will be released on August 10. The cover of the regular edition is illustrated by the original author of “One Piece” and the general producer of the film, Oda Eiichiro.

The concert of the film’s heroine, Uta is depicted vividly and the appearance of Luffy enjoying it greatly can be seen. Also, Ado, who handled the singing voice of Uta, can also be seen in the center. The illustration of Ado by Oda gives off a stylish and cool sensation in contrast to the cute and bright appearance of Uta.

On the other hand, the cover of the first pressing limited edition is handled by Ado’s visual director, the illustrator and video creator, Orihara. Orihara is an illustrator known for the strong-will eyes, and the unique shadow and obscure within the bewitching, beautiful, and ephemeral illustrations.
The unveiled cover has depicted Uta and Ado singing while facing each other, and despite the overall color tone being suppressed, the “red hair” of Uta still gives a strong impression. Also, the unique strong-will eyes of Orihara, have brought out the charms of Uta and Ado. Please check out the songs of this film, where Ado is singing as Uta instead of herself.

At the same time, the Uta’s MV project featuring the MV of Uta’s song by various animators and illustrators, has started. The first MV of this project was the teaser MV of the recently announced theme song “Shin Jidai” by Nakata Yasutaka. The MV is handled by the animator and illustrator hmng, known for the MV of Yoasobi “Mou Sukoshi Dake” as well as the MV for various artists and the original arts and drawing for anime.

The full version MV of that “Shin Jidai” was released at 8:00 PM, on June 15, at YouTube “Ado Channel”. Please do enjoy the full version of the fresh and glittering world view of the diva Uta that is slightly different than the film.

“One Piece Film Red” will premiere nationwide on August 6, 2022.

(C) Oda Eiichiro/ 2022 “One Piece” Production Committee