Voice actress Aoyama Nagisa, who plays as Hazuki Ren from “LOVE LIVE! Super Star!” and is also a member of the school idol group “Liella!”, appeared on Yomiuri TV’s “Rutenonteru” #8 (broadcasted on May 27, 2022). Aoyama will make a VTR appearance in the program’s love simulation game project “Yumemiru Riako” and have a virtual date with Goto Terumoto of Football Hour.

“Rutenonteru” is a challenging program in which the director of Yomiuri TV puts his best plans, which have been warmed up, into the hands of the comedy duo Football Hour.
In #8, “Yumemiru Riako,” Goto goes on a date with a girl on screen and challenges her with two-choice questions in various situations to see if he understands how women feel.

Most love simulation games are played with still images such as illustrations or photos, but in this project, Aoyama Nagisa appears on the VTR. Once the game starts, the anime Nagisa and live-action Nagisa mix and match as the date unfolds.

Goto, who has a great deal of experience in playing love games, plays the role of the main character, Teru, and proceeds with the date while reciting the lines in the VTR. As they were walking together, Nagisa said a reproachful line, “You must have been looking at the woman who passed us.”
At this point, he is asked the two-choice question, “What is your excuse for looking at other women while on a date?” Goto tried to decipher the woman’s mind, but……

Goto was rewarded if he answered all five questions correctly, but if he got even one question wrong, he would be severely punished. After answering the last question, Nagisa walks out of the VTR and the door to the recording site opens.
You should check the the unexpected and shocking ending that two Football Hour players were also astonished by .

“Rutenonteru” #8, in which Aoyama Nagisa makes a VTR appearance, aired on Yomiuri TV from 0:30 am to 0:59 am on May 27. For 4 weeks after the broadcast, the program will be available on TVer, GYAO!, and ytvMyDo!.
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