A special program “Anime nova Project U-20 Anime Grand Prix” of the “Anime nova Project”, an anime human resource development project conducted by AT-X, Inc., is broadcast from 12:30 am, April 1, 2022 (JST). Prior to the program, it was announced that the works created by creators under 20 years old with the support of production companies will be judged by director Mizushima Seiji, Abiko Eiji, and Kishimoto Taku.

“Anime nova Project U-20 Anime Grand Prix” is a special program that closely follows the contest held by the “Anime nova Project”, an anime human resource development project, and focuses on “the fascination of creating anime, what is going on behind the scenes, and the passion of young creators”.

Along with the program host Kazlaser (Maple Chogokin) and ambassador Kagei Hina, director Mizushima Seiji of “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, Abiko Eiji known for the character design of “Mr. Osomatsu” season 3, and Kishimoto Taku who worked as the story editor of “Fruits’ Basket”, “Haikyu!!”, and “Ranking of Kings” will appear as well.
It was also announced that the narrators for the show are the voice actors Ootsuka Akio and Hidaka Noriko.

“Anime nova Project U-20 Anime Grand Prix” is broadcast on TV Tokyo from 12:30 am, April 1 (JST).

Director Mizushima Seiji

We will discover young talents, and let them create works in the same process as the professionals with the support of professionals working at the forefront of the industry. I look forward to this project as a learning experience for both the young creators and the professionals. The young pursue their desires unhesitatingly and greedily, and the professionals will respect their aspirations and guide them with calm minds. I can’t wait to see new work that builds on that kind of relationship!

Abiko Eiji

Young creators competing in creating anime?! I never expected such a groundbreaking event to be broadcast on TV! What makes it even better is that I’m one of the judges. I can’t wait to see what kind of anime awaits me. I look forward to seeing unique images by young creators transcending the boundaries of existing works.

Kishimoto Taku

I accepted the offer from mere curiosity to see what it would be like to appear on TV, but I was so impressed by the sincere attitude of the students creating animation that the questions from Kazlazer-san went over my head. From my standpoint, I paid special attention to Amano-kun and Kawai-san, who were in charge of the scripts for both teams. They both wrote fascinating scripts, and I felt that the day might come when we work together.

Contestants who passed the screening (Japanese alphabetical order, titles omitted)
【Director category】
Oogane Shuhei, Hara Teruhito
【Character Design category】
Shibata Koutarou, Fujimoto Yura
【Script category】
Amano Eisuke, Kawai Kurumi

◆Program Overview
【Program Title】Anime nova Project U-20 Anime Grand Prix
【Broadcast Schedule】12:30 am – 1:30 am, April 1 (JST)
【Cast】Host: Kazlazer (Maple Chogokin)
Ambassador: Kagei Hina
Judges: Mizushima Seiji, Abiko Eiji, Kishimoto Taku
【Broadcaster】TV Tokyo and others

*A complete version including the backstage of the program will be broadcast on AT-X on the following schedule.

10pm – 11pm, April 2 (JST)
4am – 5am, April 6 (JST) repeat broadcast
7am – 8am, April 9 (JST) repeat broadcast
【Producer】Kawamura Ryouta (TV Tokyo)

(C) TV Tokyo
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