The Association of Japanese Animations announced that the project commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, “FY2020 Animation Human Resources Development Research Project” will be called “Anime no Tane”. The official website of “Anime no Tane” was opened at the same time.

The Association of Japanese Animations has been commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to carry out the Human Resource Development Project for Young Animators since 2014, and this year the Association has been commissioned to carry out the “2020 Animation Human Resource Development Survey and Research Project” and named it “Anime no Tane”.

Japanese anime has continued to develop and gain support from a wide range of people in Japan and abroad.
However, the number of young people who will become the next generation of creators is decreasing, and there is a lack of human resource development methods amidst the ongoing generational change.
Today, the development of human resources in the field of anime production, such as excellent animators and production progressions, who will be responsible for the future of Japan’s anime culture, is an urgent issue for the maintenance and development of that culture.

The purpose of “Anime no Tane” is to contribute to the improvement and development of the field of anime by conducting practical research on the methods of nurturing human resources, and promoting the evaluation and dissemination of the results of the research.

In addition to evaluating the results of these programs, we will evaluate the methods and processes with the help of outside experts. To study and analyze training methods for animators and production progression, etc. Sharing and disseminating information on effective human resource development methods in the anime industry and educational institutions.