A TV anime adaptation of ‘Ayakashi Triangle’ was announced. This is the latest work of Kentaro Yabuki, the author of ‘To Love Ru’.

‘Ayakashi Triangle’ is a “rom-com, battle, sexy, anything goes” boys manga by Kentaro Yabuki, the manga artist known for the ‘To Love Ru’ series. The work is currently serialized in ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’. The story develops a romance fantasy which revolves around Matsuri Kazamaki, an exorcist of the harmful monsters called Ayakashi, Suzu Kanade, Matsuri’s childhood friend who is liked by Ayakashi, and Shirogane, the King of Ayakashi who has an appearance of a cat.

The TV anime adaptation was announced during ‘Jump Festa 2022’, which was held on December 18th.
Detailed information including the broadcast date is yet to be announced on the official website.

(C)Kentaro Yabuki/Shueisha