Fall anime ‘World Trigger’ season 3 released the storyline and scene photos for episode 5 “Matchless”. The episode is scheduled to broadcast on November 6th.

The original work of ‘World Trigger’ is a sci-fi action manga by Daisuke Ashihara. It is currently serialized on ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ and ‘Jump SQ.’.
Osamu Mikumo is a member of “Border”, the National Defense Agency that defends human beings from the invasion of the creatures known as “Neighbors”. The story depicts Osamu meeting Yuma Kuga, a mysterious boy from “Neighborhood” and striving to save the planet with fellow “border” members.

The title for episode 5 is “Matchless”.
Although Yuma and Hughes bailed out Kageura, Suzunari First takes one point for giving the biggest damage to the opponent.

Yuma and Hughes, however, remain on the flow and challenge Suzunari First. How will Tamakoma Second face Suzunari First’s new battle formation?!

‘World Trigger’ season 3 episode 5 “Matchless” will be on air on November 6th, on TV Asahi and other channels.

(C)Daisuke Ashihara/Shueisha, TV Asahi, Toei Animation