The outline and sneak peek of episode 4 “Secret Plan” (Broadcast Date: October 31) of the fall anime “World Trigger 3rd Season” have been revealed.

“World Trigger” is based on the science-fiction action manga by Ashihara Daisuke that is currently being serialized on “Weekly Shounen Jump” and “Jump SQ.”.
The boundary defense organization “Border” was set up to repel the invasion from the “Neighbor” who possessed an unknown ability. A member of “Border”, Mikumo Osamu encountered the mysterious young boy Kuuga Yuuma that came from the “Neighborhood” and the story depicts the hard struggle of them while working together with the other members of Border.

The title of episode 4 is “Secret Plan”.
Murakami is holding the black Kogetsu while Kageura is attacking with the shape-shifting Scorpion.

A fierce battle is developing at the restaurant until the shopping mall is suddenly shrouded in darkness !
As part of the plan, the interior light is being controlled by Suzunari First! The results is…!?

The broadcast date of episode 4 “Secret Plan” of “World Trigger 3rd Season” was on October 31, on TV Asahi, and other channels.

“World Trigger 3rd Season”
Started broadcasting at 1:30 AM, on October 10, 2021 (Sunday), on “NUMAnimation” of TV Asahi Affiliated.

Original Creator: Ashihara Daisuke (Serialized on Shueisha “Jump SQ.”/ Jump Comic Publishing)
Production: Toei Animation

(C) Ashihara Daisuke/ Shueisha, TV Asahi, Toei Animation