The moment when a movie that you have been looking forward to for a long time is released and you receive a visitor’s gift at the theater is a very happy moment.
This time, Anime! Anime! conducted a questionnaire titled “What kind of movie perks do you really want?” to find out what kind of goods people would like to receive, and what kind of items they have received before that they would like to receive again.

The survey was conducted from June 1 to June 16, and the ratio of male to female respondents was about 19%, with about 81% of the responses coming from women. About 43% of the respondents were in their teens, 24% were in their 20s, and 16% were in their 30s.

The following are excerpts from some of the comments we received.

■The most voted item was “newly drawn/written” goods! Mini color paper, manga, novel, etc.

● [Mini color paper with drawings] It’s easy to display and gives a special feeling. (22 years old, female)

●[Mini color paper with drawings] I want to decorate my room with the newly-drawn, movie-only illustrations! I’d be even happier if the closed package had a different design! I want to go see the movie again and again to get the complete set! (16 years old, female, student)

●[Mini color paper drawn by the original author and animation director] I want to see the new expressions of my favorite characters. (26 years old, female)

●[Newly drawn postcard] Because I can display them and collect them. (19 years old, female, student)

●[Newly drawn manga] Because I think there will be more fun waiting for me after watching the movie. (18 , Female , Student)

●[Newly drawn manga] I’m happy to be able to see additional stories that weren’t depicted in the original story, and it gives me a special feeling that I can’t buy in bookstores. It’s also a proof that I’ve been a fan for a long time. (18 years old, female, student)

●[A new novel by the original author] This was actually given out as a special bonus for “Violet Evergarden the Movie,” and I was able to immerse myself in the world of the movie and anime again after reading the bonus. (26 years old, female, freelancer)

■I still want this! Standard items such as can badges and clear files

●[Can badge] Badges are the best because you can put them on your clothes or bag, or display them in your room with magnets. (36 years old, male, company employee)

●[Original design can badges] I don’t see many original design badges. (26 years old, male)

●[Badges with the title logo] I want a badge with the title logo. (35 years old, male)

●[Clear file] I want clear files because they are easy to use in daily life! I’m happy to have as many clear files as possible. (18 years old, female, college student)

●[A clear file the size of a ticket] I always think that A4 size clear files are common, but it would be convenient to have A5 or B6 size files. (51 years old, female, part-time)

●[Poster] Because it is easy to display and is a standard item. (14 years old, female, student)

●[Frame film] Because I think the memory of going to see the movie will stay with me forever. (19 years old, Female , Apparel store worker)

●[Bookmark] Bookmarks can be used when reading the original manga or novels. (17 years old , Male , High school student)

●[Strap or bookmark] I would like to have a strap for my bag and a bookmark so I can take it to school with me. (17 years old, female, student)

●[Mini pen light] I like idol-type anime, so if there are goods like mini penlights, I’ll go to see the movie to collect them. (16 years old, female, student)

●[Acrylic stand] Acrylic stand is usually an expensive item, so if I could get it as a bonus, I would go to see the movie over and over again.. (16 years old, female, student)

●[Ticket-style cards]A lot of replica tickets are given out at concerts, but you don’t see many at movies. And if the size fits a smartphone case, I can carry it around all the time. (20 years old, female)

●[Limited edition panel of characters/performers ] I want something that makes me feel like I’ve seen the movie. I want something limited that I can’t usually buy. (19 years old, female)

●[Promotional posters for the movie] In the past, movie posters were sometimes included as extras with advance tickets, but now they are not sold as goods and are difficult to obtain. I like the promotional posters the most visually. (57 years old, male, company employee)

■I want to hear the voices of the cast and crew! Goods related to voice actors, movie settings document collection, etc.

●[Voice actor interview booklet] I am a fan of voice actors, so I was happy to receive this booklet when I saw the movie “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: the Movie” and it motivated me to see the movie. Booklet rarely includes photos, but I would be happier if it included newly taken photos. (32 years old, female, housewife)

●[Voice messages from voice actors] One of the main reasons I go to see movies is because I like the voice actors, so it would be great if there were short voice dramas or messages to the audience that can only be heard there. (41 years old, female)

●[Board with duplicate autographs of the cast members ] I’d like to have a copy of the autographs of the cast members, because it’s not easy to get them depending on the work. I don’t care if it’s a reproduction. (27 years old, female, office worker)

●[Handshake tickets with cast members ] I want to shake the hands of the cast members. (19 years old, female)

●[Setting documents collection] The visitor bonus for “PSYCHO-PASS the Movie” was a book of setting materials, and it was packed with everything you could want to see, from the way the characters stood and their expressions, to their shoes, accessories, and art backgrounds. That bonus couldn’t be better for the fans. (33 years old, female)

●[Setting documents collection] This is a great way to check the parts of the movie that you are interested in right after seeing it in the theater (clothing, character names and their descriptions, mecha and art backgrounds, etc.). There are a lot of things that are not mentioned in the pamphlet, so it is helpful when I consider them. (37 years old, female, company employee)

●[Conversations and interviews with the staff] I think that the writings in which the creators passionately talk about their commitment and love are as valuable as the main story. (31 years old, Male, Construction industry)

■The items that made the respondents happy and that they have always wanted are the following visitor benefits!

●[QR code (image or sound MAD)] Because it is not bulky when I watch a movie and I want to enjoy watching it during the first commercial before I start the movie. I want to enjoy watching the first commercial before going to the movie. (19 years old, female)

●[Perks for visitors to choose from] My favorite character! I can’t get it! (19 years old, male, student)

●[Postcards to choose from] If you can choose your favorite picture, everyone will be happy. (20 years old, female)

●【Raw animation and video】 Each raw original video is literally one of a kind, the only one in the world. (33 years old, male)

●[Reproduction of an original painting] Because they are not so easy to find. (20 years old, female, student)

●[Autographed merchandise] There are privileges with reproduced autograph, but not hand-written autographs. I don’t expect all of them to be hand-written, but I want one to be mixed in! (23 years old, female)

●[PreCure’s entrance privileges (such as pendants)]I’m frustrated that only children under junior high school age can get admission privileges. It’s frustrating. (30 years old, male)

●[Drama CD] Because I received it before and it was very good. (29 years old, female)

●[DVD or Drama CD] DVD or Drama CD, which contains the parts that could not be included in the main story. We often hear that parts of the story were cut out because of the length of the movie. We want to know what happened, and if it can be supplemented, then so be it! (29 years old, female)

●[ CD of the movie theme song before release] I received the CD of the Roselia movie as a special gift for visitors, and I was able to listen to the CD before it was released and learn what the song was about and the lyrics. (22 years old, female)

●[After the viewing, a special screen appears on the screen and you can take a picture] It would be overflowing if I were given physical goods every time. It would be a good memory and gave me a special feeling if I could take a souvenir photo.. (30 years old, female)

●[Items used or worn by the characters in the production] Because I want to use the same items as my favorite characters. (27 years old, female, civil servant)


These are just a few of the comments we received from you.

In this survey, many of you answered that you would like to have new illustrations, manga, and novels written by the original authors and animation directors.
In addition, several people said that they would like to have voice messages from the cast and special illustrations in “data” format so that they can enjoy the movie on their smartphones without the need to carry it around.

It is always a special experience to see the movie you have been waiting for at the movie theater. And the visitor privileges that you can only get at the movie theater will become your own treasure that will always bring back the memories of that time.
It is still a difficult time to go out, but I hope you will take all possible measures against infection and visit the theater.