Netflix’s first global fan event “TUDM: A Netflix Global Fan Event” was held online worldwide at 9:00 PM (JST), September 25, 2021. It has revealed the latest information of the highly notable work of this year and next year.

It was announced that the Netflix anime series “Super Crooks” will start on November 25, 2021 along with the release of the teaser PV and key art. It was also revealed that Tsuda Kenjirou and Sakamoto Maaya are the main cast members.
Also, Tsuda made an appearance as a special guest, and his comments regarding his roles as the small villain Johnny Bolt are “Instead of being a tremendous villain, he is like an underling and he is a bit clumsy which you will adore. But there are times where he shows off his cool side, so he is quite a charming character that has two different faces. Please do look forward to it!”

The key art of the Netflix anime series “Aggressive Retsuko” Season 4 was revealed along with the announcement on the broadcast in December 2021.
Also, Retsuko from Sanrio Puroland made an appearance on “Netflix Anime Stage” and hyped up the event with the cute and “death metal” expression.

The spin-off anime “Bright: Samurai Soul” of “Bright” featuring Will Smith as the main actor, will be available worldwide exclusively on Netflix from October 12. It was revealed that the enemy Kouketsu, who will be having a fierce fight against the main protagonists, is voiced by the singer MIYAVI.
The commentary video of MIYAVI has been released as well, and in the video, regarding his thought on his first challenge as a voice actor, he said “I’m good at facial expression and expressing the tempo and atmosphere, but it is very hard to express with only the voice after putting aside those that I’m good at”. It was followed by his thought on his character, “The character has a strong fixation to become stronger, but I wanted to express his hidden loneliness in my own way.”

To commemorate the worldwide streaming of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie”, the main cast Mitsuishi Kotono and the other world wide’s voice dubbing actors of Super Sailor Moon (Tsukino Usagi) were gathered and a talk session was held.
It has featured a passionate talk on the memory of Mitsuishi as the voice of Sailor Moon (Tsukino Usagi) in 1992, the reason for “Sailor Moon” to be loved by everyone worldwide, etc. and she also revealed her thought on “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie”, saying “I feel like it was my duty to voice this role right now.”

Also, information on “Ultraman” and “Drifting Home” were announced in the event as well.