The TV anime “Blue Period” will start airing at 1:25 am on October 2, 2021. It was also announced that it will be streamed in advance exclusively on Netflix in Japan from September 25.

“Blue Period” is a story about sports, never-give-upspirit, and art serialized by Yamaguchi Tsubasa in Kodansha’s “Gekkan Afternoon”.
The story follows Yaguchi Yatora, a high school student who has excellent grades and is at the top of the school cliques, but who feels empty and frustrated.

This time, along with the broadcasting and streaming information, the theme song information was also released.
The opening theme song will be “EVERBLUE” sung by Omoinotake, and the ending theme song will be “Replica” sung by mol-74.

“Blue Period” will be aired on October 2 at 1:25 am on “Super Animeism,” MBS/TBS network of 28 stations nationwide, and will be available exclusively on Netflix from September 25.
In addition, “Just before the anime airs! Take a deep look at Blue Period SP” will be aired on September 25 at 1:25 am.
For more information, please visit the official website.

<For more information, please visit the official website.

I’m Omoinotake, and I’m in charge of the opening song for the TV anime “Blue Period”.
I’m honored to be involved in this wonderful work filled with the pain and wonder of “creating”.
We, three members, didn’t have any “talent” at all.
“Then, what should we do?” we thought, after years of trial and error, we reached a street live performance in Shibuya, where Blue Period is set.
“Doing what you love doesn’t mean it’s always fun.”
We overlapped ourselves with the words of Yatora and turned the overflowing words and melody into a song.
We’ve been a band for nine years now, and just like Yatora, who said, “I love to draw,” I think we just “love music.”
“EVERBLUE” is the opening song of Blue Period that we created.
We put all the complexes and conflicts, the initial impulse of the adolescents, the anguish, and the hope that awaits us in the future into the song.
I hope that many people will feel the same as this blue wish.


This time, I’m in charge of the ending theme song for the anime “Blue Period”. I’m very happy and honored because I love this manga.
The anguish and struggle he went through to create his work, and the joy and excitement he felt when it was completed. Although the cultures of art and music are different, there are many parts of the story that overlap with my own, and the main character, Yatora, who is desperately fighting against his own situation, has encouraged me many times.
In “Replica,” I put some messages that say, “Don’t expect someone else to change the world, but change the world by yourself.”
I would be happy if this song can get close to you in your struggle against the current situation.

Original Story: Yamaguchi Tsubasa “Blue Period” (serialized in Kodansha’s “Afternoon”)
General Director: Masunari Koji
Director: Asano Katsuya
Series Composition/Screenwriter: YoshidaReiko
Character Design : Shitaya Tomoyuki
Art Director: Nakamura Ken, Kaneko Yuji
Art Setting : Ogawa Mamio, Nakajima Mika
Director of Photography: Hattori Yasushi
Color Design: Utagawa Ritsuko
3DCG Director : Omi Arimasa
Editing: Seki Kazuhiko
Special Effects: Fukuda Naomasa
Music : Inoue Ippei
Sound Effects : Koyama Kenji
Music Producer : Sakai Kohei
Music Production: DMM music
Sound Director: Kikuta Hiromi
Production: Seven Arcs

Yaguchi Yatora: Mineta Hiromu
Ayukawa Ryuji: Hanamori Yumiri
Takahashi Yotasuke: Yamashita Daiki
Hashida Haruka: Kawanishi Kengo
Kuwana Maki: MiyamotoYume
Mori Maru: Aoyagi Mayu
Saeki Masako: Hirano Fumi
Sumida: Fukunishi Masaya
Koigakubo: Kamio Shin’ichiro
Utashima: Tachibana Tatsumaru
Umino: Hiratsuka Miku
Shirai: Hasegawa Ikumi
Shirota: Nemoto Yuna
Yamamoto: Koga Aoi
Oba Mayu: Kazu Yuki
Okada Sae: Suyama Emiri
Ishii Takuro: Murata Taishi
Sakuraba Hanako: Onishi Saori

(C) Yamaguchi Tsubasa, Kodansha/Blue Period Production Committee