“Kamen Rider Revice”, the latest “Kamen Rider” franchise entry, announces bathing goods from “Happy Spa”, the bathhouse run by the protagonist Igarashi Ikki and his family. Pre-orders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”.

The lineup include 3 products: “Bath Towel (4 Colors)”, “Face Towel (4 Colors)”, and “tote Bag (2 Colors)”.
All of those are items that actually appear in the series, and feature a retro and colorful design.

“Kamen Rider Revice Happy Spa Bath Towel” is priced at 2,750JPY (tax included), with the “Face Towel” at 1,320JPY (tax included), and the “Tout Bag” at 2,970JPY (tax included). The items are currently available for pre-order until 23:00 of September 22, 2021 at “Premium Bandai” ahead of an October shipping.

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