A collaboration event between the TV anime “Demon Slayer” and Asakusa in Tokyo is currently being held until September 26. It has been announced that from September 1, original drinks inspired by Rengoku Kyojuro and new goods such as stickers designed based on “battle flags” will be available.

“Rengoku Kyojuro’s Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie” is a collaboration drink inspired by Rengoku Kyojuro’s flame, and a Monaka shaped as a guard of the Nichirin sword is on it. Those who purchase this menu item will also receive a “Rengoku Kyojuro Original Coaster”.

As for the goods for the collaboration event, two types of “battle flag stickers” designed based on the battle flags displayed in Asakusa are newly available. Besides that, there will be new items; a total of five types of rubber straps, Tenugui (Hashira) and Tenugui (Kocho), which were newly designed for collaboration with “Fujiya”, Dyed Tenugui Shop, and will be available for purchase on the online store ahead of time, and the “Chibi Plush Toy (Asakusa Collaboration ver.)”, which will be available only on the online store.

“’Demon Slayer’ x Asakusa Collaboration Event” is scheduled to run until September 26, 2021. The event has been continuously developing collaborations such as selling limited edition original items and original food, displaying the “Demon Slayer” battle flags in the Asakusa area, and holding a keyword collecting in the Asakusa area, so you can enjoy the “Demon Slayer” collaboration while exploring the streets of Asakusa.

(C) Gotoge Koyoharu / Shueisha, Aniplex, ufotable