Fuji Television is to host the first TV broadcast of “The movie ‘Demon Slayer’ Mugen Train” on September 25, 2021. Along with that, the special edition of “Tanjiro Kamado Risshi-Hen” will be on air for 5 days from September 11.

“Tanjiro Kamado Risshi-Hen” the special edition is compose of: the first night ‘A bond of brother and sister’ on 9/11, the second night ‘Asakusa’ on 9/12, the third night ‘The Tsuzumi Mansion’ on 9/18, the fourth night ‘Natagumo Mountain’ on 9/19 and the fifth night ‘Hashira Meeting・The Butterfly Mansion’ on 9/23.

‘Asakusa’ and ‘The Tsuzumi Mansion’ will be broadcast for the first time, with new credit title, new end credits, new background illustration, and the latest preview, all done by ufotable inc.

The key images from all the five nights are released this time, including some newly-drawn images for ‘Asakusa’ and ‘The Tsuzumi Mansion’.
In addition, a guidance video for “Tanjiro Kamado Risshi-Hen, the special edition” by Tanjiro’s trainer Urokodaki will be made and released before ‘A bond of brother and sister’.

(C)Koyoharu Gotouge/SHUEISHA INC.・Aniplex Inc.・ufotable inc.